Fevola talks to AFL Footy Show

The AFL Footy Show returns for its 18th season this Thursday, now broadcasting from its new home at Docklands Studios.

The space will allow for 100 more people than it had at Bendigo Street (which should help knock off its long waiting list a little faster).

Its first episode will include an interview with controversial figure Brendan Fevola who speaks about his 66-day stay in a rehabilitation clinic, his ongoing battle with alcohol and gambling issues, his sacking from the Brisbane Lions and his future on and off the football field.

The show is also likely to be adding a new “wheel” segment tomorrow night.

It airs 9:30pm on Nine in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and plays later in Sydney and Brissy.


  1. Been watching the footy show for 18 years, I’m not a Carlton Brisbane or fev fan, but I’m human and I don’t like seeing a fellow human kicked while he’s down! Sam and Gary, check your pay slips, Crown? CUB? Channel 9? And yet you take the high ground on gambling, alcoholism and pour PR skills. Sams street talk every brownlow is a drunken rant, the contradictions are endless. I’m embarrassed that I’ve watched this show for 18 years.Good luck Fev, prove them wrong champ, you lost your own money and as far as I’m concerned you’ve done nothing that most Aussie blokes haven’t done once in a while. Unlike channel nine preying on fragile characters. Pathetic. Good night!

  2. How low will you go for ratings, talk footy, leave the guy alone, he’s obviously not a well man and frankly its his business…. How excited the footy show is for some Days of our Lives drama low low low….. All the so called drama that surrounds football, that the media think we’re all so interested in does nothing for the game, I have 2 boys I steer away from the game – toxic in boys club nature and can’t say I want these players as role models for my sons….we done footy show.

  3. i saw the promo for this last night and totally LOLed.
    the melodramatic music in the promo is hilarious.
    This show is officially a joke. thank god for Footy Classified

  4. I was looking forward to the return of the Footy Show tonight but how disappointing to see you are persisting with the Fevola saga. This guy is dead meat – why don’t you leave him to decay in peace?
    I guess you’ll also manage to squeeze in an interview with R. Nixon… Footy’s other great d*****d!

  5. Mr. chandler

    I wonder if fev will tell us why he got the boot. No one really knows why he hot sacked. I don’t think he go sacked for off field reasons, most don’t don’t think he did. But it is his own fault

  6. Have to agree with you on that one David. I’m sure Fevola knew well in advance that he’d be doing the Brownlow street talk, so he should have kept himself nice, at least until after the segment.

  7. Secret Squïrrel

    Australia’s answer to Charlie Sheen! He’ll need a good writer to come up with mixed-metaphors as good as “fire-breathing fists” though.

  8. Channel Nine has a lot to answer for in shaping Fevs downfall.

    If they hadn’t insisted on Fev doing ‘street talk’ at the Brownlow in 2009 he wouldn’t have made such a public fool of himself, he wouldn’t have got sacked from Carlton, he wouldn’t have got picked up by Brisbane, he wouldn’t have had to move away from his family in Melbourne, he wouldn’t have got depressed, he wouldn’t have been out drinking to excess on new years eve, he wouldn’t have got picked up by police and he wouldn’t have got the sack from Brisbane.

    On the plus side, if he didn’t get sacked from Brisbane he wouldn’t have got his $1.6M payout without having to work for almost 2 years remaining on his contract but he may still have had a chance at an AFL career.

    So interesting to see him rewarding Channel 9 and the Footy Show with this exclusive interview.

    A good decision by Fev?

  9. I hope Brendan opens up a bit more than he has done in the past. When he was a semi-regular panelist on the Footy Show he had nothing much to contribute and consequently was not seen again on the show. Perhaps the audience waiting list would move a lot faster if Channel 9 staff and friends were not given priority.

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