Future of TV: “Internet and TV together”

FreeTV Australia, which represents the interests of our Free to Air commercial channels, has launched an industry initiative dedicated to exploring how television will evolve over the next ten years.

It begins with a series of online documentary clips about the “Future of TV” with industry experts from Australia and around the world, including Mark Fennessy, Courtney Gibson, Gary Carter and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Clip 1, “The Multi-Screen Experience”, experts discuss how television viewing is migrating across multiple screens. Many of them discuss the integration of television with the internet: multitasking, interactive, watching on multiple devices.

While it’s main agenda is to thwart the myth that television viewing is dying, it’s a refreshing understanding of not just what we are watching, but how we are watching.

You can see the first clip here.


  1. Netflix on the Boxee Box using StrongVPN is amazing. There is a legal service out there that has the right idea, only problem is you can’t access it in Australia (unless you know how) and of course the content owners all are trying to stop it’s success to prevent their existing revenue streams dwindling to nothing. Even though these new services could replace or even exceed once enough people are using. Australia needs to catch up before the services they introduce become irrelevant as soon as they are introduced.

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