Gallery: Farewell City Homicide

The final episode of City Homicide airs next Wednesday night at 9:30pm on Seven.

Since its premiere in 2007 the show has been a consistent weekly whodunnit with a formidable cast.

Here are some of the faces and moments we will remember.


  1. I am still watching City Homicide 2008 is where we are in Canada I have it set up to tape every day and I hope I get to watch all seasons of this excellant programme they stopped and repeated a lot of the eposodes , hopefully. They do not stop and repeat before they move on to another season , happens always good shows are cancelled and replaced with garbage reality or yet another cooking or how to fix your house! etc. !! Love this show!!!

  2. I think it’s a crying shame that City Homicide has been axed or even that they are considering it. The television channels feed we public with such tripe, as Customs – Breath Testing (who cares) countless boring cooking shows and stupid weight loss programmes. None of the above is interesting nor mind stimulating. Keep our local talent in work and at the same televise quality drama instead of reality rubbish and people with no talent wanting their 15 minutes of fame.

  3. i’ve loved this show since it began and city homicide was a great acted and excellent show where it was the better aussie cop show now all we’ve got is the horrible rush and rescue crap to look forward to and they should be axed and homicide should be renewed. bad decision 7. r.i.p. city homicide 2007 – 2011.

  4. A shame – a great production team, writers and cast equals a well done series! Top notch work all – going to miss City Homicide greatly.

  5. Perhaps they should have spent more time with Noni at home cooking with a limited amount of ingredients supplied by a sponsoring supermaket, while Shane attempted to lose weight and the rest went on an Amazing Race to find Daniel who was attempting to survive on Redemption Island – then it might have rated better! Personally I enjoyed it and am sorry to see it go

  6. This was a good show to begin with but the writers seemed to run out of ideas and went the formulaic route.
    One of the better Aussie police series of the last 5 years but it’s probably the right decision to axe it.
    When Rush is axed later this year there will be a big gap(s) for a new Aussie cop series to fill.

  7. There was so much talent behind this show, but the intensity was turned up too high. the show took itself far too seriously and that’s always death for anything Australian.

  8. The 2-4 seasons series have been lazy and formulaic, with the same plot each week just tweaked for motives, victims and culprits. They should have pumped a bit more spice into it, with a couple of cops being bent and on the take, just like they are in real life. Also a few monumenatl stuff ups, which do actually happen, would have been good. Along with the occasional fit up. Nah easy to watch but won’t be missed….just average

  9. I hate Seven. This show is brilliant. Rare among current Australian police shows. And it was a consistent ratings winner…..all until Seven decided to keep moving the timeslot and the shows ratings suffered. The quality only got better though when Daniel Macpherson left. Will miss not having City Homicide on each week.

  10. One more nail in the coffin of decent Australian produced drama…
    Seven won’t be happy till TV is wall to wall ‘reality’ shows. (at which point I’ll be wealthier as I’ll sell my TVs)

  11. It’s a shame that yet another local previously high rating show goes out this way.

    Also I know I asked else where but does anyone know what this means for the DVDs?
    Are the eps that aired in 2011 a separate season from 2010?

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