GO!: Seinfeld & The Nanny

From Next Tuesday March 29, Seinfeld will replace The Middle at 6:30pm weeknights on GO!

It begins with S8E13 “The Money.”

The Nanny replaces Australia’s Funniest Home Videos at 7:00pm.

It will begin from the Pilot episode.

To adjust for these changes scheduled episodes of The Nanny on GEM will be replaced by Friends repeats.


  1. As much as I love I Dream Of Jeannie, I agree with Alfagirl, I think it’s time GO! gave that show (and Bewitched) a rest. I would also love to see The Ghost And Mrs. Muir again.

  2. An old seinfeld episode no matter how good or bad it is will always be better than the tripe that is Today Tonight,A Current Affair and George Negus tonight.

  3. In the old days Seven used to alternate I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched, when one would finish the other would start. I think that’s a better way to go. Continually looping these classic shows back to back, waters down their appeal. Why not air some rarley seen shows of similar ilk, like The Ghost and Mrs Muir and Nanny and the Professor?

  4. Dam it gem. Why do we need double of friends. We are just up to the good episodes in the nanny where they have jost gotten married. Now Go are going way back to the start.

    CH10 did this as well just suddenly pulled the nanny and started from the pilot episode.

    Its very frustrating.

  5. Nice to see the drunk monkey programmer is ok with sorting repeats of stuff everyone has already seen.
    Shame that monkey couldn’t have scheduled the cricket live somewhere last night. In one way I am glad we lost but only because 9 can’t now cash in on any success with ratings that would have followed had Australia won against India.

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