Hawke nominated for Literary Award

It seems unlikely that Kristina Keneally will still be NSW Premier in about a week’s time, but nevertheless the nominees for the 2011 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards were announced this week.

In the Script Writing Award category, worth $30,000, the nominees are:

Glen Dolman, Hawke (The Film Company)
Michael Miller, The Hero’s Standard, East West 101 (Knapman Wyld TV, SBS)
John Misto, Sisters of War (Sisters of War Pty Ltd)
Debra Oswald, Offspring (Southern Star Entertainment)
Samantha Strauss, Dance Academy, Episode 13: Family (Werner Film Productions)
Shirley Barrett, South Solitary (Macgowan Films)

The winners will be announced at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards dinner on the 16 May, during the 2011 Sydney Writers’ Festival.


  1. I enjoyed Hawke, Offspring and East West 101, so I guess there’s a central theme here, they’re well-written. Offspring was fluffy, yes, but have another look, it was clever.

  2. I’m confused by Hawke (The Film Company) – do you mean a film company called Hawke or do you mean that hapless telemovie that wasted everyone’s time about Bob Hawke.

    It was all about Blanche and next to nothing to do with the politics of the day. It was as boring as bat-scat and desperately needs to be remade.

  3. Hawke was very good, I’m not surprised it has been nominated for a writing award. East West 101 is consistently well-written, so it should be in with a chance as well. I can take or leave Offspring.

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