Hungry Beast: Mar 30

Tonight’s episode of Hungry Beast takes a look at ‘Captivity.’

And don’t forget there will be a new Angry Boys preview immediately preceding the show.

Thousands of Australians play netball every week. In 1994, Maree Calliss was one of them. But the sport she loved would be the cause of a life-changing accident. A bad knock, received during a game left her dealing with “Locked-In Syndrome”. Despite having full mental function, she is now unable to move any part of her body. A quadriplegic, she cannot speak and communicates by blinking her eyelids. Despite these extraordinary circumstances, Maree’s story is one of optimism, love and resilience. Hungry Beast’s Monique Schafter meets one of Australia’s most amazing people.

The Beast File turns its graphic eye to Kim Jong Il, the dictator holding an entire nation hostage, and who has effectively made North Korea the largest prison in the world.

Dan Ilic takes a humorous look at Australia’s most impressive bids for freedom. Great escapes recounted include those of: Convict William Buckley, who escaped and disappeared into the bush near Geelong in 1836, the man for whom the phrase “Buckley’s chance” was coined; and Lucy Dudko’s dramatic landing of a hijacked helicopter in Silverwater prison to break out boyfriend John Killick in 1999.

Hungry Beast’s ‘trademark’ vox pops return, with people from different parts of Australia sharing insights on when they have felt most trapped in their lives.

It airs at 9:30pm tonight on ABC1.


  1. Ooooooh – See! Too much work and no play makes Jack lose time of what day it is.
    Sad to have missed Beast – maybe catch it on iview. Happy Whites is still scheduled – Thanks David

  2. Armchair Analyst

    This episode looks good. Will watch it. In one way or another we are all in captivity. It seems the more our lives and society becomes more complex the more we become captives with in it. Sad but true.

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