Kath & Kim for the big screen

Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig are taking to the big screen with their very own feature film.

The project to be known as The Kath and Kim Filum has received funding from Screen Australia.

Described as “A Fountain Lakes Fairytale. Kath and Kim’s whirlwind trip OS becomes a vajazzling tale of love, lust and revolution… What’s not to like?”


The film will be directed by Ted Emery and produced by Rick McKenna, husband of Gina Riley.

Da Kath and Kim Code telemovie aired in 2005 on the ABC, as a low-budget project. It parodied the Da Vinci Code and featured a number of guest stars.

“Australia’s comedic sensibility is world renowned and is a distinctive part of our cultural identity,” said chief executive, Ruth Harley. ”The Kath & Kim Filum represents iconic Australian comedy.”

The duo’s last television series aired on Seven in 2007 and there have been persistent rumours about ne projects with everything from a new series to a stage musical.

Last month Peter Rowsthorn told ABC Radio he would be resuming work with the hit comedy -but who knew he meant as a film?


  1. Wow what an original idea. The characters of a flogged comedy go overseas. Lots of hijinks and cultural misunderstandings, a mystery Blah bah blah.

    Would be nice if these two maybe tried a new project like the Little Britain guys have rather than just trying to flog the daylights out of it!

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