Kitchen Rules, but Million Dollar flops

My Kitchen Rules outback excursion topped the night with 1.44m viewers but Million Dollar Drop flops to 644,000.

Monday night held some bad news for Nine but even worse news for TEN, which slipped to fourth place behind the ABC in network shares. Once again, Seven continued to smile all the way to the ratings bank.

My Kitchen Rules outback excursion topped the night with 1.44m viewers, well in front of Two and a Half Men (new 969,000, repeat 761,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (837,000 / 830,000), Oprah & The Cast Of Glee (775,000) and Mythbusters (340,000).

Seven’s reality series was supersized to 90 minutes making clear comparisons for the remainder of the night awkward.

But however you carve it up, Million Dollar Drop‘s drop to 644,000 from 933,000 last week is of concern.

Media had unfairly branded the show a ‘Million Dollar flop’ based on its performance last Thursday -but neglected to mention the show didn’t air in Melbourne that night. This week it fell to third place behind Conviction Kitchen (841,000) and Four Corners / Media Watch (864,000 / 809,000) but bettered House (604,000) and Man vs Wild (295,000).

Million Dollar Drop also landed below CSI: Miami (680,000) which followed it. Not good.

That said, Seven should also be concerned about the drop from My Kitchen Rules (1.44m) to Conviction Kitchen (841,000).

6pm With George Negus began the week with 394,000 and TEN Evening News was 343,000.

ABC had a good night with ABC News (1.07m) winning its slot. Q & A was 645,000.

On multichannels Neighbours was 390,000 just ahead of 7TWO’s Jonathan Creek replay (379,000).

Seven won its second night of the week.

Week 14

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  1. I said last week that “drop” would lose 200k from last Monday..i was wrong it lost more.. The show is a dog- the contestants are so unlikebale and Eaddie is his usual smart alec self. Turn it into a half show and cut out the crap and maybe it can be salvaged.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the back-to-back of MKR and Conviction Kitchen. Though it’s annoying Conviction isn’t on Plus7 – we missed the last five minutes last night so woulda been good to have caught it on line right away.

  3. I don’t think Nines programming failure has anything to do with Hey Hey fans boycotting Nine. Nine has just lost it’s ability to appeal to audiences. And re Hey Hey, it’s just not funny anymore, Daryl isn’t funny, Livinia was never funny, and the rest are just has-beens.

  4. @robbie and @Tony Mac, refer to yesterday’s article re Somers Carroll’s employment of a Facebook fan. It seems there’s a highly organised group of HHIS fans who are systematically targetting 9 programming in order to make them fail, which will somehow lead to HHIS returning to our screens. [sigh] … if only they could use their powers for good and not evil.

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