Kitchen Rules, but Million Dollar flops

Monday night held some bad news for Nine but even worse news for TEN, which slipped to fourth place behind the ABC in network shares. Once again, Seven continued to smile all the way to the ratings bank.

My Kitchen Rules outback excursion topped the night with 1.44m viewers, well in front of Two and a Half Men (new 969,000, repeat 761,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (837,000 / 830,000), Oprah & The Cast Of Glee (775,000) and Mythbusters (340,000).

Seven’s reality series was supersized to 90 minutes making clear comparisons for the remainder of the night awkward.

But however you carve it up, Million Dollar Drop‘s drop to 644,000 from 933,000 last week is of concern.

Media had unfairly branded the show a ‘Million Dollar flop’ based on its performance last Thursday -but neglected to mention the show didn’t air in Melbourne that night. This week it fell to third place behind Conviction Kitchen (841,000) and Four Corners / Media Watch (864,000 / 809,000) but bettered House (604,000) and Man vs Wild (295,000).

Million Dollar Drop also landed below CSI: Miami (680,000) which followed it. Not good.

That said, Seven should also be concerned about the drop from My Kitchen Rules (1.44m) to Conviction Kitchen (841,000).

6pm With George Negus began the week with 394,000 and TEN Evening News was 343,000.

ABC had a good night with ABC News (1.07m) winning its slot. Q & A was 645,000.

On multichannels Neighbours was 390,000 just ahead of 7TWO’s Jonathan Creek replay (379,000).

Seven won its second night of the week.

Week 14


  1. I wouldn’t call CK a cooking show, either. There is barely any emphasis at all on the cooking. It is more a human interest show that happens to be set in a restaurant. No way do I consider it part of the current cooking show genre, such as MasterChef or MKR, as it does not place muchemphasis on the food being produced, or showing how the contestants cook a dish, etc.

  2. @ Bruce Banner : Judging by the type of pathetic morons they have as contestants, they would have had no idea that Go! is even associated with Channel 9…these people are truly embarrassing…

  3. And 8 questions an hour gets down to about 15 minutes of TV viewing when you are just watching for the questions and answers and fast forwarding through the “suspense” and chat.

    Jeopardy – 7pm weeknights on W has 61 questions in less then 30 minutes. Even Letters & Numbers on SBS ONE 6pm wknts has nine rounds and it only goes for half an hour.

    • I looked into this. ABC2 was first, but they are covered by the phrasing of their question: “Which of these Australian free-to-air digital TV channels launched first?: GEM 7Two GO! 11.” GO! is correct of the 4 choices.

  4. Now just waiting for the programing changes that are surely to come next week…

    FYI I watched Four Corners (about the Qantas A380) far better than the bit that 60 Minutes had a few weeks back.

  5. I think the contestants came from country NSW where the digital channels were released out of sequence. That GO is a Channel 9 subsidary…I am sure if they had known they would have picked it instead of 7 TWO, overall probably the best choice of contestants to date and the website they plugged ( may actually help some people.
    8 questions over an hour??? I do worry about the contestants that will follow if the ratings don’t pick up!

  6. In Melbourne we got the Million Dollar Drop episode that other states got last Thursday so I knew what was going to happen. And now I know what happens next time they show an episode.
    The questions are very poor quality.
    The show might go the same way as Deal Or No Deal. It originally started as a 1 hour show with $1M up for grabs, but the simplistic format made it easy to bring down to half an hour and become a lead in to the news.
    … unless it gets dropped (pun intended).

  7. 810,000 is fine for a 9pm show but it did lose a lot of lead-in in from another cooking reality show, so both observations are actually valid in my view. It’s only a short-run show so it shouldn’t be an ongoing problem.

  8. Conviction Kitchen (841,000).

    Seven concerned? No – that’s a very good figure for 9.10 – 10.10pm.

    Bruce – our thoughts exactly (re the question). Even Eddie asked them what channel they were on when they finalised their answer.

    But – seeing that Nine hardly cross promote their digital channels it would be easy for people to have noticed the arrival of 7TWO even though GO was first.

  9. People complain about 2 1/2 hours of news on 10 but last night 7 had 2 1/2 hours of cooking. The 2 1/2 hours of cooking was in primetime and its too much on one day and I would rather watch something better like Mythbusters, Two and A Half Men or Million Dollar Drop. Monday nights are becoming as watchable as Fridays and if it continues it will make Saturday look good.

  10. @David @ Green Point – is that really the case? That’s awful! Imagine your retirement income being in the hands of a Channel 9 programmer …

  11. Regarding the comment about the ratings for Conviction Kitchen – I love MKR and I also watch Conviction Kitchen afterwards but when you go from an ‘adrelin rush’ competition based show like MKR to a slower paced ‘deeper’ show like Conviction it’s almost a let down. Maybe they should have put it on a different night – say Thursday because MKR finishes on Wednesdays and they could keep the cooking theme going for an extra night!

  12. Having to suffer over acting contestants in the commercials, let alone the show itself + plus the Eddie factor = more than enough reason for me to stay well away.

  13. Douglas Quaid

    Wow, it seems Nine just can’t catch a break at the moment. It was always going to be tought against MKR but those figures are a really sharp drop. Surely if it remains around those poor ratings they will shift the timeslot?

  14. David @ Green Point

    But don’t you feel for the contestants who are yet to appear?
    Usually, it’s a condition of appearing on shows like this that if their episode isn’t broadcast, they don’t get the money (or prizes)…

  15. Quiz/game shows shouldn’t be on at 8:30pm at night, they are more of a 5:00 – 8:00 kind of thing where the whole family can watch.

    And the questions… Which digital channel came first? Go!, 7Two, Gem or 11… the contestants lost 600k choosing 7Two… on a Channel 9 show where the last thing they’d do is willing advertise another rival network doing something first. Seriously people!

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