Kylie’s emotional interview with Molly

Kylie Minogue had to call a halt to an interview with Molly Meldrum when discussing her 5 year all-clear on breast cancer.

When the pop-guru complimented the pop princess on the impact she has made on other women to be tested for breast cancer, a teary Minogue had to leave the room.

A glimpse was shown yesterday during The Morning Show and the full interview will air on Sunday Night.

But it’s not altogether bad to see a vulnerable side to Kylie. It’s often been said she doesn’t allow enough of herself to show in interviews.

Her battle did a lot to promote breast cancer awareness, it’s great she has overcome the disease.

Minogue brings her latest concert to tour to Australia mid year.


  1. Ms Opinionated

    Yes its sad that the memories rush back to her, but i gotta say i always liked Dannii more, more sincere ..i watched her on Foxtel she is Normal as in the way she acts, no pretending with a pommy accent like Kylie does…but they both do have a upside down “v” shaped nostrils, must be the same surgeon…

  2. How sad that so many people feel the need to comment on her appearance. Instead we should be celebrating Kylie’s health and all she has done (and continues to do) to promote breast cancer awareness. As a fellow breast cancer sufferer I can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to go through such a devastating experience with the world watching (and criticising). Kylie has done herself proud.

  3. Look foward to this interview.This interview is a celebration of Kylies 5 year all clear from breast cancer,and people are commenting on her appearance not the serious issue the interview is about.Its great news that Kylie is healthy and on tour again this year,l look foward to watching her live on stage again this year.And l agree with Kaj comments

  4. Too true Ellie and the like – If she hadn’t kept her looks up – they’d be bagging her for not looking her best – the old damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

    This is about her battle and her emotions surrounding it – she’s above all that bitchiness anyway – perhaps these people should take some further inspiration – she’s one of few celebs who has always remained dignified and classy – ever heard of her being negative or nasty to anyone? – simply, no…

  5. It’s nice to see Kylie after the tragic about breast cancer but there are some people who really don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, good luck to Kylie. 🙂

  6. Uh. That “permanently raised eyebrow” is called plucking… you know, styled like that. By plucking out the hairs. A lot of woman do that… men, too… so.

    Kylie is awesome as always, and I look forward to seeing the whole interview. 😀

    Will probably need tissues, though!

  7. Yes Kylie has had cosmetic surgery she has admitted to using botox in the past but this isn’t what the article is about , it is about a young woman who has fought cancer like millions of other people around the world and her emotions with facing and battling this terrible disease.

  8. How sad that everyone is reduced to making negative comments about Kylies face. Would you have made comments about the way she looked when her hair fell out when she had cancer too??
    Good on her for getting through it and helping so many people become more aware of breast cancer.

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    Wow, she looks kind of freakish there. I don’t know why people think that they look better with it. I’d say she’s had botox, canthoplasty, and prob had her bum injected into her lips.

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