Lara Bingle, Brynne Edelsten for Dancing with the Stars

The next Dancing with the Stars will be car-crash telly with Lara Bingle and Brynne Edelsten coming our way.

The Herald Sun reports the two have signed on the dotted line.

Memo to Sonia Kruger: we’ll be expecting lots of irony please.

Edelsten, the shy and retiring wife of Geoffrey Edelsten, has been rumoured as a potential cast member before. Her over the top wedding attracted all sorts of headlines, photos, celebrities and gossip.

Lara Bingle proved an even bigger media magnet when her relationship with cricketer Michael Clarke went bungle.

Back in 2006 Bingle was a cast member on Dancing On Ice coming in sixth out of eight. This does raise questions about the original premise of Dancing with the Stars being celebrities who had never danced. But that’s been raised several times before (Nikki Webster, Toni Pearen etc) and the show still pulls a crowd.

For that matter the question of actually being a celebrity has been raised plenty. The train left that station yonks ago.

The show is set to be a mid-year series for Seven once again, expected around late May / June. Will Seven be forced to rest Sunday Night once again, or will Dancing shift from its 6:30 timeslot? Ask MasterChef.

Source: Herald Sun.


  1. You could hardly call participating in Dancing on Ice as “formal dance training”. Most of them were flat out standing up, let alone dancing. Anyway, it’s obvious they have relaxed the rules a bit on DWTS, there have been a few celebrities with dance experience now, Kyles ex admitted she had had dance training.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    “As the available pool of celebs dries up, they’re going to have to relax the eligibility rules”

    Allie, they’re already doing that. Bingle has had some prior training and Edelsten isn’t a celebrity.

  3. @Tad, I agree with you, Bingle should be ineligible given the training she would have received on DOI. However, since that unedifying stink DWTS had about dance training with chess champ Ariana several seasons ago, I think they have relaxed that rule somewhat. If memory serves me correctly, Hugh Sheridan has had song and dance training in the past, so he shouldn’t be eligible, either. As the available pool of celebs dries up, they’re going to have to relax the eligibility rules

  4. Bingle’s stint on Dancing on Ice should make her ineligible since it gave her professional formal dance experience, which the contestants aren’t supposed to have.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Combine Newtaste’s suggestion with Kathy’s and you’ve got a show. They could always give the Chk Chk girl another 15 minutes but she’s prob contracted to Nine – they like to hire all the classy talent.

  6. @Catherine, yep, I’ll lay odds that Manu Fieldel is one of the males on the show this season. Though how on earth he will get the time to do it as he owns and runs two restaurants, I’ll never know, but I think he enjoys his media career, and he’s smokin’ hot, so no doubt he’ll be on it for female eye candy purposes. He also has a glossy new cookbook he could plug the hell out of if he makes the cut. If Manu is on, you won’t get a word of complaint from me, I think he is fab.

    It must be increasingly difficult to cast the show, as Australia is such a small pool of available talent, and they can’t use anybody contracted to another network, to make things even harder for the casting. Hence, they often go the retired athletes/footy player/WAG route. Wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca Twigley (Chris Judd’s glamourpuss wife) winds up on it as well. They have cast a lot of young women the last few seasons. I predict one of the Winners & Losers gals will be on it this season, to give W & L added momentum. Perhaps Virgina Gay or Melanie Vellejos?

  7. with the stories and stories 7 and today tonight have been putting together lately. no doubt they will dredge up the lara binglle photo scandal and do a terrible interview of her about heartache at what happened. just to coincide with her role on dwts

  8. @newtaste

    LOL she’d be great. She could flirt back stage with the typical semi retired footy player they always have as part of the cast.

    I’d watch for sure!

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    What is Edelsten’s claim to fame other than being a trophy-wife of a man with money and who’s been struck of the Register of Medical Practitioners in two states? If they scrape the bottom of the barrel any further they’ll put a hole in it.

  10. The problem with this show is they have forgotten to go back to basics and they are trying to put on females who they think are hot. Last season they were all young women and now they are doing the same thing again. The first 5 years they had great people on who everyone knew who they were.

    Im sorry Brynne is not a star. We all know the 1 reason why she is on it. She is married to a guy 40 years older who she gets to go to events with. Thats all plus all the outfits that she wears.

    As for Lara ok she is a model & of course this show always has to have a model but if she didnt date Clarke then probably know one would know her. The public has turned on her.

    Im hoping the rest of the cast is ok. In fact I hope that Manu is on it because he has been wanting to get on that show for 2 season now. At least I can watch him.

    I could just imagine Todds reation when he heard about Lara & Brynne being on the show.

  11. Should be fabulous & trashy – I can’t wait to see what Brynne’s gonna wear LOL
    I hope Sonia’s on track with the one liners – best thing about the show (& Helen getting all flustered over the topless fellas haha)

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