Liz Hurley to play Wonder Woman villain

Liz Hurley has joined the cast of NBC's Wonder Woman pilot written by David E. Kelley.

From lovenest to comic superheroes….

Liz Hurley has joined the cast of NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot.

In a post on Twitter, Hurley wrote: “Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman.”

She confirmed that she will be playing the lead character’s nemesis: “I’ll be playing the evil villain. Can’t wait.”

The remake, written by David E. Kelley, will star Friday Night Lights actress Adrianne Palicki.

Hurley’s past acting credits include film roles in 1997’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and 2000’s Bedazzled.

Warnie recently tweeted some of his favourite classic TV shows, but so far Wonder Woman hasn’t made the cut:

Best old school tv show ? Bewitched-get smart-dream of Jeanie-gilligan’s island-mash-sons and daughters-prisoner-f troop-batman(Adam west) ?

Thanks for reminding me of a few ! Welcome back cotter-buck Rogers-Mr Ed-hogans heroes-CHIPS-different strokes-family ties-lost in space

Knight rider-A team-Quincey-odd couple-cheers-Hawaii five o-love boat-columbo-dr who-magnum-kingswood country-favorite cartoon – batfink !!

No one has mentioned my favorite left it out deliberately !!! HAPPY DAYS – fonz-richie-potsy-Ralph-chouchi-mr and mrs C and..

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. hey her acting couldn’t be much worse than Lynda Carter’s, but you know i don’t think alot of viewers watched the show for her acting abilities & the same will apply to the remake, i just hope Liz will be wearing some sort of skin tight costume preferably with cleavage showing 😉

  2. Iam going to reserve judgement untill i see the pilot or until i read reviews of the pilot untill them iam still hoping that it will be good. Every creator or producer deserves to have one bad show at least once David had created and has been behind some gems so even if this is a flop i dont think that it will hurt him too much but it might say that he is a bit limited as far as genre is conserned.

  3. Oh dear Lord! I had medium hopes for this with the casting of Adrianne (Tyra) Palicki but Liz Hurley! Really?! The woman has never once displayed actual acting ability – on film at least. Her go to method is sexy vamping and pouting which gets very old, very fast.

    David Kelley you disappointment – why couldn’t you have actually tapped some of your alum for the villianness role – Portia would have actually made an extremely cold, ice queen villian for Wonder Woman to face.

  4. Wow. So, NBC have already given up on this show since they’ve resorted to very poor stunt casting.

    Liz Hurley might have been a decent choice if they were aiming for a campy/cheesy TV series, but everything suggested so far is that they were aiming for a “mature” and more “serious” take on Wonder Woman.

    More and more it seems Wonder Woman is actually just going to be Ally McBeal in a “colourful spandex costume” proclaiming herself to be an “every woman” while crying herself to sleep due to heart-break, eating ice-cream, allowing employees to make blatantly sexually suggestive comments to her face, worrying about the size of her breasts and flying around in her fleet of multi-coloured BMWs.

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