Million Dollar Drop debuts under the magic million

Eddie McGuire's new game show couldn't quite make it to the magic million mark last night, just pipped at the post by Seven's Conviction Kitchen.

Eddie McGuire’s new game show couldn’t quite make it to the magic million mark last night, averaging 933,000 for its first episode. Million Dollar Drop‘s biggest audience was in McGuire’s home city of Melbourne where it won its slot.

Nationally the show was beaten by Seven’s Conviction Kitchen, but not by much. It had 959,000 viewers. The trick for the game show will now be to do exactly what that audience catchcry asks: “Stop the Drop!”

An episode of House, including with a musical number and Hugh Laurie parody of Two and a Half Men, managed 761,000 in the same timeslot, with Four Corners / Media Watch (750,000 / 700,000) and Man vs Wild (297,000) following.

The top show for the night was Today Tonight on a big 1.44m ahead of A Current Affair‘s 1.2m. Both shows tackled Sydney’s bullying story and touched on TV nostalgia with A Country Practice and Rowena Wallace respectively.

Seven News (1.41m) led Nine News (1.28m) but Nine won in Sydney and Melbourne.

Home and Away (1.1m) won at 7pm over ABC News (1m), Two And A Half Men (852,000) and The 7pm Project (732,000).

At 7:30 it was another big win for Seven with My Kitchen Rules (1.39m) over 2 x Two And A Half Men (1.12m / 1.17m), Glee (972,000), 7:30/ Australian Story (785,000 / 772,000) and Mythbusters (281,000).

Brothers and Sisters (767,000) continued a winning run for Seven over Q & A (627,000), Harry’s Law (594,000) and Good News Week (508,000).

6pm with George Negus starts the week with 388,000 and TEN Evening News was 318,000, both were down on last Monday’s numbers, but they were arguably bolstered by the end of a long weekend in some cities, which traditionally helps yield higher numbers.

Footy Classified returned with 241,000 for Nine.

Neighbours was 317,000 on ELEVEN.

Monday all went Seven’s way winning timeslots from 6pm until 10:30pm and taking the night in shares.

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  1. I thought it was great. Something about that couple was captivating so i couldn’t switch off. I also liked the format with the focus on the couple rather than the host. I’m backing it for more viewers next week.

  2. Million Dollar Flop. It was nowhere near as good as the British and a European version that I’ve seen. I didn’t like the changes that they made where they spent way too much time building the suspense just before the drop, when nothing happens. A fast show is a good show.

  3. More like Million Viewer Drop…

    The amount that the contestants had left during the episode’s gameplay would be a direct comparison to the number of viewer who tuned in at that moment.

  4. It was interesting and exciting enough, even though some of the questions seem too simple…particularly the final one which you’d expect to be the hardest. Me thinks Nine would have wanted a good win for the first episode to entice viewers to stay, so made the final question easy, or played a switcheroo with episodes and played the best one first. It horrifies me to think contestants only get a 50/50 shot at the end though… 50% chance of walking away with nothing! Couple walked away with 180K, a very nice win indeed.

  5. I too watched Conviction Kitchen and in the breaks flicked across to Million Dollar Drop (which should be renamed Million Dollar Droppings). Firstly, CK has really come into its own, establishing a real connection with the workers trying to get their lives back on track, and Ian Hurley and his restaurant manager providing guidance and compassion without being soft touches. It works a treat.

    In comparison, MDD’s try-hard suspense while we wait to see the outcome of the question went from long, to longer, to laughable, to so boring I began to shout abuse at Eddie and hurl things at the TV. Ridiculous, boring, pointless.

  6. I watched CV but flicked over to it in the ad breaks. I saw the gist of the show. How much did that couple walk away with in the end. I know they were on 700,000 at one stage. It looked interesting though. Im not sure if game shows are somehting that viewers want anymore.

  7. The Million Dollar Drop isn’t a completely terrible format, but who wants to watch a game show at 8:30pm at night anymore?

    It’s only March and Nine have used this timeslot for Underbelly, This Is Your Life and The Million Dollar Drop – all they’re going to do is confuse their audience.

    Also, Eddie’s running the risk of becoming Eddie Everywhere once more – is there nobody else on that network who can ask multiple choice questions?

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