Million dollar gamble

Million Dollar Drop, the latest game show in production for Nine and Eddie McGuire, is an 'all-or-nothing' format.

Yesterday  TV Tonight swung by a recording of Million Dollar Drop, the latest game show in production for Nine and Eddie McGuire.

Based on a UK format, the feature of this one hour quiz is putting $1M cash in bundles of notes in front of contestants and watching them scramble to stop the total from dropping away, literally, through a hatch.

Nine has built a shiny set 8 metres high at Docklands Studios, loaded up with a ton of lights. Actual Security Guards watch over the cash.

Unlike some shows where contestants have to accrue the cash by answering Millionaire-style questions, this one begins at the other end. In yesterday’s episode a couple ran through a rollercoaster of emotions debating questions and working out how much to risk each round. This is an ‘all-or-nothing’ format.

For Nine it’s also a bit of a game show gamble.

The show is yet to be scheduled, but expect this one sooner rather than later.

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  1. How many failed show concepts does it take for Nine to realise that it’s not the concepts that don’t work, but the host? I really don’t think he’s as likeable as Nine believes.

  2. @ Trix
    I can only think of one show hosted by Eddie that failed and that was 1 vs 100. Hot seat seems to be rating fairly well and more often than not beats deal or no deal. The Footy Show was hugely successful, Eddie only left that to take up Nines CEO role, which admittedly was not a success. I can understand people not liking his style though, it took me a while to warm to him.

  3. Anyone find it odd that Nine are making this after showing The Cube (which I would have preferred Nine to have adapted) over summer. They should have shown the UK Million Pound Drop instead.

  4. The Uk version looks good and would probably rate well if exactly that was replicated in Aus. But I think Eddie will turn lots of people off, the host has a very involved role, not just the narrator if you don’t like eddie I don’t think you could sit through it. It’s going to air so close to TIYL total overexposure. I predict a flop.

  5. I’ve seen a European version of the show which is hosted by a cool, young host and it looked like a show I would get excited about watching. Seeing a bloated, old, fuddy duddy, tragic host like Eddie (yet again) would be a massive turn off for me.

  6. so does eddie now think hosting hot seat, this is your life and now million dollar drop is enough??

    why not host the farmer wants a wife, guest on underbelly and host 20 to 1.

    ohh no, they don’t want to over expose eddie…yeh right!

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