MTV to air 2010 OptusONE80Project winner

MTV will air last year’s OptusONE80Project winner The Sellers next week.

The contest invites entrants to submit a 180 second pilot for a one-hour television drama and then commissions the winning entry to produce a full length program with a budget of $180,000.

The one hour drama produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia (Eternity Man, Lockie Leonard and Scorched) was produced by Belinda Mravivic and directed by Maia Horniak. The writers and lead actors are Andrew Ryan and Will Howarth. Executive Producer is Rosemary Bligh.

“We set out to create a show with high production values despite a limited budget and, fortunately, our very gifted young director Maia Horniak was able to bring with her a dedicated and talented crew,” Belinda Mravicic says.

“The competition is a great opportunity for emerging film makers to have drama produced and aired on TV and we are very grateful to MTV and Optus for the opportunity.”

It will premiere at 11.30pm Friday March 18 on MTV Channel 124.

Meanwhile the 2011 OptusONE80Project festival takes place on Sunday 20 March from 5.30pm at Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park. Mark Ronson will also headline the festival with a full one hour DJ set.

Voting for the Top 10 finalists closes today.

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  1. Armchair Analyst

    This contest is an excellent way of getting some new ideas on tv, its also crucial to the further dovelopement of Australias tv industry. The ideas have to come from some where and since they arent comming from our existing writers and producers then this Optus one eighty project is the perfect vehicle for anyon who has any ideas.

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