Nigel Lythgoe wants So You Think You Can Dance on Seven or Nine

"If the TEN Network don't want it we're going to have to take it off them and take it to Seven or Nine," says producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Nigel Lythgoe, producer and co-creator of So You Think You Can Dance wants to the show back on Australian television.

Interviewed by Dance Informa magazine, Lythgoe took a dim view of TEN dumping the show after its 2010 season.

“I think they were incorrect in letting it go. I think they tried another programme which failed badly without it.”

While there was no show that specifically replaced Dance, he is presumably referring to TEN’s plans to produce Don’t Stop Believing this year, a decision it then reversed.

“If the TEN Network don’t want it we’re going to have to take it off them and take it to Seven or Nine with another production company,” he said.

Lythgoe even also spoke about seeing the show produced by another production company.

“I love Fremantle they’ve done very well with it, but if they’re not selling it anywhere else it’ll have to go to Shine.”


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  1. Bring it back on Sunday night!! It was my daughter and my absolutely favourite show! We loved sitting down as a family and watching in this time slot – during the week we are all too busy going to dance classes ourselves!

  2. It’s always the judge’s egos that end up ruining these shows; it was the same on Idol. The judges start to think the show’s about them and the grandstanding is such a turn off.

  3. I truly hope we see it back one day… but with a complete judging panel and hosting refresh. The judges were truly awful in season 3…. (who am I kidding? I hated them from the first ep of season 1)

  4. With Australia’s small population, it doesn’t even have a large enough dancing talent pool (especially since they want younger people only) to do an Aus version, but it could work if done every 2 years, not annually.

  5. Dance was a gr8 show! Ch 10 killed it moving it!! It is a great family show and Nat Bass was great! Always find Tv stations kill a show and then blame low viewers, wen they are to blame. Please pick it up someone and give dancers a platform!!

  6. Why so many people bashing this show? It was only on for 3 seasons, the ridiculous Dancing with the Stars was/is on for the last what? 10 years?

    SYTYCD used to be one of Ten’s highest rating shows… on a Sunday. Perhaps Lachlan will bring it back.

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