Nine guilty of ad during election blackout

The Nine Network aired a political ad during an election blackout in the Victorian State Election in November, the media watchdog has found.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority found the ad, which played during Getaway on November 25th last year, was a breach of its license conditions.

Broadcasters are banned from running election advertisements during a 3 day ‘blackout’ period in the lead up to polling day.

GTV9 claims the error occurred while Nine was relocating its traffic system to a new facility, but advises that all traffic for GTV is now administered from Sydney using an automated ‘cart’ system.

In its report, ACMA surprisingly did not name the political advertisement or party in question.

Less surprisingly, it says it will monitor any future complaints given that there are no previously recorded breaches of this kind by a Nine licensee.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    @gepm – what you write makes sense in theory but I can tell you that the very few Nine network shows that I watch here in Perth, are still plagued with vision-switching issues some 9 months after MediaHub was officially opened.

    I’m not saying that nu-tech is necessarily less reliable, but it’s not necessarily more reliable either.

  2. “it says it will monitor any future complaints given that there are no previously recorded breaches of this kind by a Nine licensee.”

    They are really finding new and inventive excuses to avoid slapping on a real penalty, aren’t they?

  3. ACMA is a bloody joke! So many breaches on all networks in the past year and nothing is done about it. Why do they even exist if they are going to slap the networks wrists with nothing. Just an absolute joke. Ten, Seven and Nine could get away with running whatever they wanted to and ACMA would just slap them on the wrist not caring in the world. This organisation is a joke and will continue to be so. Until they do something all networks will continue to breach.

  4. Do some stations still use cart numbers in this era of digital servers, why? That is so old fashioned, as there is no need to now with servers, just use the key# from the client instead.

    Using the key# for clips ID’s in a server cuts down on the error rate of caching incorrect material and plus client key numbers stand out more on a station log as they are part descriptive of the content. Time 9 moved into the current century with its playout methodolgy.

  5. Nine, hold out your hand… Good. Now pull up your sleeve, I’ll slap you on the wrist and we can move on… There! Now, don’t do it again, alright?

  6. “using an automated ‘cart’ system”? What is this? We here in Fiji and Samoa playout files from servers. Are we behind or ahead, technology-wise? “Please explain?”.
    But…what’s the penalty? Nothing? Not even ‘revenue received from the offending ad’?

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