Nine picks up Sinbad

Nine has acquired a BBC re-imagining of Sinbad, a big-budget series set to air in 2012.

If it’s good enough for Merlin….

Nine has acquired another BBC series, this time a re-imagining of Sinbad, set to air next year.

The big-budget, contemporary set in the 8th Century sees Sinbad as ‘a young man with a flawed nature, a gambling streak and a recklessly decisive energy. Having fled Basra under a sinister curse, the streetwise Sinbad takes to the seas, surviving a violent and magical storm that forces him and his fellow ship-mates to band together.’

It promises mysticism, magic, monsters and high octane action adventure.

The writers for the 13 part series include Jack Lothian (Ashes To Ashes, Shameless) and Neil Biswas (Skins).

Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Television said, “The Nine Network is pleased to be part of such a great franchise like Sinbad. We look forward to bringing this modern adaptation of the adventurous classic to Australian audiences in 2012. We’re sure this big budget production will capture the imagination of our viewers and keep the legend of Sinbad alive.”

Julie Dowding, BBC Worldwide Australia’s Sales Director added, “Sinbad will be THE action-adventure series of 2012. We are excited that Australian audiences will be able to share the exploits of Sinbad and his colourful crew week to week with the Nine Network.”

The series will film in Malta.

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  1. Actually the truth is that in the whole fantasy and science fiction does not rate well with Australian audiences- we don’t like that kind of show. Nor does Australia have the number of people large enough to sustain that kind of program on prime time, not like in the US, where even a small percentage is still a lot of people. Excluding children’s programming, there has been very few fantasy or science fiction programs produced in Australia- Farscape I believe was the last (although you could count Twisted Tales.) In that time, how many Australian cop shows have been produced since then?

    In this day and age, no program will exist if it doesn’t pull in a goodly ratings figure- witness the end of Ben Elton. Fortunately we also have multiple programming so, poor ratings doesn’t necessarily mean the end of FTA showings, not like during the Star Trek Next Gen era.

  2. @Harry S, People are predicting that this will fail on channel 9 this is because 9 is notorious for this type of thing, ie play 2 episodes find that it doesn’t fit their ideal of boganvision then shuffle it off to after midnight, the list is long dating back to Star Trek TNG. I hope it does well for them but ‘can the Leopard change his spots?’

  3. Exactly David i agree with you all the way!! thats what ive been telling all of these people, they predict to Soon that Channel 9 will stuff up, they have no clue what there talking about all they say is Channel 9 is Crap! And thats not true!!!

  4. @ Vinny — I agree with you that this show would be much better suited to GO!

    Channel 9 has a long history of cutting and changing their new shows; in addition I can’t see a fantasy show like Sinbad fitting in with their crime and reality programming. At least on GO! there might be a better chance of the whole series of Sinbad being shown.

    1. Interesting that some are calling for this to air on GO! before the show has even been made, it’s too soon to pigeon hole this. If it’s anything like Merlin it will be pitching for a broad audience. Frankly Nine needs more variance like this not more crime procedurals. Put it on Nine and fill the schedule with more excitement.

  5. @ Phoenix

    Very funny comeback you have!! by the way im not a kid and sure do not act like a kid, I reckon your the one whose acting like a Kid! and fooling yourself dude to everyone on this site.

    This site is a very Good site, and you are ruining this site and we are not going to let you do that so just please go away and let everyone Alone!!!

  6. Why is it immediately think Nine will screw up or delay airing a show simply because it has the rights to air it? Then again TEN is yet to air the latest Merlin and ABC hasn’t aired the final series of Robin Hood, correct me if I’m wrong?

    Maybe Nine will surprise and fast track the show then ‘encore’ it on GEM in HD?

    With those writers Sinbad should be entertaining.

  7. If it looks anything like the quality of Doctor Who, then I’ll pass. I’ll be watching Camelot and Spartacus: Vengeance from Starz instead.

    Re the negativity. Past performance (or lack of) from the channels in question is the reason for the cynicism. Surely postivie and negative opinions are allowed.

  8. @Tony H — If you are implying that David was “moaning” because he objected to mike scully’s rude attack on Hugh Jars, then you couldn’t be more wrong. David was calmly and reasonably objecting to one member abusing another on this site.

    I’m sure I wasn’t alone in regarding mike scully’s comments as childish and inappropriate, and I am glad David pointed this out to him. If people’s rude attacks go unchecked, then this website could easily degenerate into a melee of vicious attacks between members — something I’ve unfortunately seen on other websites.

    As David pointed out, this website is about passion. It’s not the place for snide comments or nastiness.

  9. I’ll wait until it airs on Foxtel – at least then I’ll know what time it is on each week, and there won’t be an ad after every scene.
    By the way – Isn’t moaning about people moaning, in fact, moaning?

  10. Just on the title and what description is given, Sinbad sounds good, will definelty try and give it a go. At the moment iam in a phase where iam liking the shows based ancient history whether it be mythological or real. At the moment i am watching Hercules on dvd they were tad expensive but who cares really enjoying it too. (Hercules also airs on 7 mate for those of you who dont know yet currently airing season 2). I also hope that Merlin returns to TEN.

  11. There is hardly and SciFi/Fantasy on TV any more. SGU is cancelled, there will be new Doctor Who. Am I forgetting anything else?? Reaper?? Smalleville and Merlin are fine, but they’re a bit too Beverly Hills 90210-ish for me. Still, I’ll watch Sinbad and see what it’s like.

  12. This series looks promising. I hope Nine treat it with respect, even if its shown exclusively on GO! or Gem from the beginning instead of on Nine to start then shifted if it fails. I love these type of series except for Merlin. For some reason never liked it but shows like Sparticus and Legend of the Seeker i loved.

  13. I like fantasy related material but mainly through video games and a lesser extent, films. The problem I find with T.V types are that they either take too long to get going, have miscast actors, or appeal only to a niche section of viewers (martial arts based fantasy in particular).

    I hope this does well but I’m not entirely confident it will. Many Fantasy/Sci-Fi related shows in prime time either don’t do well at all or have a good start and then tail off.

    1. Internet anonymity may lend itself to people not holding back in their passion and this is true across all sites whether they are about television, politics, NRL vs AFL, Sydney vs Melb, Holden vs Ford, Kylie vs Madonna, Black vs White. It’s unfortunate some people do not conduct themselves online in the same way they would in public, but it’s not exclusive to this site. Ultimately readers here are sharing a passion, which is better than apathy and not wanting to engage on a subject. That said, I believe a better response is not to attack a reader and say “shutup” but to add something positive to a debate, telling us why you see the content in another light.

  14. Fantasy programming of any kind always fails on Nine (and, for the most part, on Australian television as a whole – noting the exception of Doctor Who.)

    Sadly I can see this getting three or four episodes in prime time tops and then it will be relegated.

    It does look like an appealing program however so it is said that the stink of failure is likely already on it purely due to where it is to be screened.

    1. Mike, in cases like this it is always preferable to share why you are excited by the content than simply lashing out at another.

      Personally I’ve enjoyed shows like Merlin and Sherlock so I’m looking forward to Sinbad.

      See, wasn’t so hard?

  15. It will start with a huge fanfare, after being hyped to the point of ridiculousness, then slip over onto 99 after it doesn’t rate 5million viewers an ep before ending on Gem at 12.30 in the morning.

    That’s how it usually goes isn’t it…??

    Yawn…(not the program, I am just dreading the saturation adds already)

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