Q & A: Mar 21

Next guests for Q & A are as follows:

Shadow Education Minister, Christopher Pyne
Minister for Defence Materiel, Jason Clare
Deputy Leader of the Greens, Christine Milne
Kevin Rudd’s former Press Secretary, Lachlan Harris
Columnist Miranda Devine

Wonder if Julian Assange has any more questions he wants to fire off?

It airs 9:35pm Monday on ABC1 and is simulcast on ABC News 24.


  1. Christopher Pyne. Thanks for the warning. I’ll have to plug my South Australian-to-English translator in. Used to have to use it for Alex Downer. No, Eddie’s new “Million Dollar” thing will run 20 mins over so maybe we’ll watch the end of that next week, then whatever Nine finally decides to run. Is it “TBA” as my newspaper liftout says, or “Harry’s Law”?. Then something else says “CSI Miami”. Hey, it’s a long time to 9:30pm Monday at Channel 9. Could be anything.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Kevin Rudd’s former press secretary should be interesting maybe he has some goss and yes monday’s panel looks a little boring the topics or questions better be good.

  3. Maybe they will have a surprise video question from Andrew Bolt to Christne Milne asking exactly how much global emissions will be saved by Australia unilaterally imposing a CO2 tax….somehow I doubt it! Christine Milne will ndoubtedly be feted as the saviour reborn.

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