Renewed: My Kitchen Rules

No surprises here.

Seven has ordered up a new series of My Kitchen Rules, its hit cooking show which is having a dream run in its second season.

The show has hit as high as 1.62m viewers, regularly whipping the competition and helping Seven take an early lead in the ratings.

This season Seven has boosted the number of contestants and episodes, now stripped three nights a week -and it’s paying off.

Another couple will be eliminated from the show tomorrow night.

The Seven format is a spin-off from My Restaurant Rules.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. Its been getting worse by the episode. I’m not really connecting with any of the couples. Something off about the chemistry. Just feels like a bad masterchef rip off.

  2. @Geoff. Agreed.

    I’m a firm Masterchef fan, but whilst MKR has obvious overlaps, I still find it engaging television and have watched every episode.

  3. MKR is good not great. I’m a qualifed chef, soon to be pastry chef. I feel as a chef MC does it for me more so than MKR! I’d watch MKR on Wedensdays. I’d could turn off, but I don’t hate MKR, as I started with it’s good enough for me.
    Well now ‘all new’ Simpsons is on 11 at 7:30, Goodbue 7, hello 11. 🙂

    As for the renural. Good luck, lets hope poeple see it for a show where couples good & bad, can enjoy a meal that’s homecooked! I do admit it is almost like MC, but a tweak to the title & challenges you’d get away with it being like MC!

  4. @ Mr Chandler, that still doesn’t make sense.

    Maybe you need to stop being a Masterchef fanboy and realize two similar, but different concepts can air on Australian television and Both attract an audience.

  5. What I like most about MKR is that it is about couples that have an interest in cooking. They are not necessarily trying to forge a career in cooking. The show is just as much about the personalities as it is about the kitchen. I like Masterchef too, but the contestants on Masterchef all want to be chefs, so why don’t they go and get an apprenticeship, because unless they do, all they will be is cooks.

  6. @ Mr Chandler
    Do you ever have anything positive to say about anything. You say you were waiting for Brad to post some dribble that doesn’t make any sense, most of your posts need to be read 3 or 4 times and still don’t make any sense.

  7. Of course they would renew. Why wouldn’t they.but what good cooking show will use in the show next season, junior master chef. Brad. I was waiting for you to post some dribble that didn’t make any sense

  8. Well thats a given. The ratings this season this year have been fantastic for them. This season has been really good. Loved the challenge last night where they just switched the challenge into a pit contest.

  9. Not surprising, Seven would be crazy not to keep it in its stable. They’ve read the audience very well with this show and timed its run perfectly, in between MasterChef’s seasons. It is much better than My Restaurant Rules ever was. To be honest, I enjoy it more than MasterChef, as it is not as big an investment of viewing time, but it is equally entertaining.

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