Returning: Man vs Wild

Bear Grylls will be in Sydney this weekend to launch his Man Vs. Wild series for the Discovery Channel.

For his newest series Grylls visited Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory and Murray Island in the Torres Strait.

Mandy Pattinson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “We’re absolutely delighted that Bear is coming to Australia to launch the exclusive Australian episodes of Man Vs. Wild on Discovery Channel.

Man Vs. Wild is a global sensation for Discovery Channel, airing in over 180 countries and the series is extremely popular with our Australian audience. Given his success we’re thrilled that Bear is taking the time to tour Down Under and we’re looking forward to learning more about his experiences filming in Australia.”

First run Free to Air eps also begin on SBS ONE next week.

In Discovery Channel’s Man Vs. Wild Bear shows us how to survive the toughest and most challenging environments by putting himself in the position of a stranded castaway. Using his specialist survival techniques, he attempts to navigate his way through these environments and make it out alive. Along the way, he braves the elements, treks through desolate wildernesses, encounters dangerous predators, and for food he has to make do with whatever he can catch or find – dead or alive!

Drawing upon all his experiences as a soldier, mountaineer and seasoned adventurer, Bear claws his way back to civilisation, armed only with a few supplies and the clothes on his back.

Prior to production, Bear meets with local experts, guides and rangers and shares the knowledge he gains with viewers through action in the wilderness.

A new series airs on Discovery Channel Wednesday March 9 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm (AEDT).


  1. A bit off topic but I still don’t understand why their isn’t a HD simulcast of the Discovery Channel. Shows like Man Vs. Wild would be awesome to watch in HD. Cheers for the heads up on the new series airing David.

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