Seven cooks up Heston’s Mission Impossible

Having screened Iron Chef Australia last year, Seven will now draw upon another SBS brand in Heston Blumenthal via a new UK series.

Blumenthal, who has fronted Heston’s Feasts for SBS and made guest appearances in MasterChef‘s London episodes, will be seen next month in Heston’s Mission Impossible.

The series, which is currently airing Channel 4 in the UK, sees Blumenthal tackling the kitchens of British Airways, The Royal Navy, the Cineworld cinema chain and an NHS children’s hospital.

A self-taught chef, Blumenthal is known for his unconventional style and wild recipe concoctions.

He is currently in Australia for a series of corporate engagements and a one-off public event, tonight at Sydney’s State Theatre.


  1. Heston has copped lot of critial backlash for this series, but honestly, I think he is absolutely fantastic.

    I loved his Feasts series more, but this is interesting all the same – I don’t think he’s as “full of himself”as some may think, but instead he is full of passion for what he does.

    If you’ve watched his Feasts, you’ll realise he loves a challenge, and he wants to make not just good food, but a good experience for whoever is eating his food, which fits well with this theme.

    I don’t think he wants to undermine anyone, but instead he wants to reinspire all who are creating the food to become passionate again about making dining a delightful experience, and to keep pushing for better, and not to be complacent.

    Can anyone really argue with that?

  2. watched the first ep, althou i enjoy hestons cooking and approach (in search of perfection tops the lot), i found this to be a more on the ‘reality’ side of things, more than the cooking, sure its the theme, but tackling issues like they do in the episode to the extent, doesnt really make it qualify for a cooking show at all.. Still was entertaining thou watching those pommy reactions rofl.

  3. Ergh. I take it back. This is Jamie’s School Dinners. Nowhere near the interest of some of his other series. He uses his “food alchemy” as a gimmick.

    No hospital, school, prison, submarine or whatever else he goes to in this series is going to be serving food that was prepared using liquid nitrogen.

    At least Jamie tried to come up with food that could be prepared by the existing cooks in existing kitchens.

  4. Like most I am completely fed up with cooking shows – but this Heston guy’s efforts are more like magic or alchemy than cooking.
    While he’s a bit full of himself (I like to count the number of times he says “I” or “me” or “my”, often over 200 times per 45 minute episode) he is an absolute genius (see @Trix and Allie for the complete swag of deserved Heston compliments) and I’d love to eat at his restaurant just once in my life.
    So I’ll be watching.

  5. Totally agree … my little guy Elliott has all his books (which he reads more than cooks from!) and we’ve made an agreement that when we’re next in London we’re going to dine at the Fat Duck.

  6. @Trix, he is a dead set genius. I am in awe of what he can do with food, it is really quite extraordinary. That he is self-taught as well, and not a qualified chef makes his achievements even more amazing. Chefs/cooks are the new rock stars, that’s for sure.

  7. @Allie, you and me both! My lovely 13yo and I religiously watch his wonderful programs and both love the alchemy that takes place in his kitchen … and I can’t help thinking he’s just a little bit cute too 🙂

  8. This sounds more like his earlier series “Big Chef Takes On Little Chef”, which aired last year on ABC1, than his SBS work. Can’t wait to see it.

  9. Fabbo! I love Heston B, can’t wait for this one! I’d say that is the death knell for Iron Chef Australia. That would be three cooking shows in their prime time schedule, which would be overkill, so I’d say that Iron Chef Australia won’t be making a return to Seven’s schedule.

  10. The ratings on My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef have been incredible so you can’t blame the networks for trying anything with a frying pan. I just hope they don’t overdo it.

    I must say I really enjoyed Conviction Kitchen last night. I wasn’t sure about it at first but seeing the impact this opportunity is having on people’s lives was really good viewing.

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