Seven’s premiere a Winner for Australian drama

Seven's new drama Winners and Losers premiered to a big audience of 1.61m viewers, as the #1 show of the night.

Seven’s Winners and Losers premiered to a big audience of 1.61m viewers last night, topping the evening as the #1 show.

In TV numbers it was rather like winning the ratings lottery.

In its hometown audience of Melbourne the show enjoyed a massive 570,000 viewers, well ahead of 387,000 in Sydney and 269,000 in Brisbane.

The debut delivered on Seven’s extensive marketing campaign in which it reminded the audience it was created by Packed to the Rafters Bevan Lee. So far the signs indicate a vote of confidence in Australian drama and Seven’s internal drama slate under exec John Holmes, but episode two will arguably be a better indicator to see how many viewers return.

Seven’s premiere whacked the competition: NCIS (1.1m), Top Gear (771,000), How Earth Made Us (498,000) and Wonders of the Solar System (229,000).

Significantly, Winner and Losers even rose above its lead in, My Kitchen Rules (1.55m). Kitchen Rules also won its slot ahead of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (946,000), The Big Bang Theory (777,000 / 1.17m incl Two and a Half Men in Brisbane), 7:30 / Foreign Correspondent (613,000 / 562,000) and Insight (198,000).

Top Gear’s additional 30 minutes nothwithstanding, an NCIS repeat won its 9:30 slot on 709,000 over Parenthood (681,000), Qi (547,000) and Adults Only 20 to 1 (419,000).

Today (367,000) beat Sunrise (356,000).

Neighbours led the multichannel charge on 343,000 with Survivor‘s debut averaging 259,000 viewers across two episodes.

Seven now has two nights won this week with Nine on one.

Week 13

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  1. So does anyone know what’s wrong with Blair Mc(whatever) eyes??? He looks like a drowned rat, hair thinning, eyes bulging and no checks! What’s with that, he’s def changed.

  2. Makes a good change from the teenage angst or bedhopping in most other series or the orchestrated conflicts and bitchyness of reality shows. Whats wrong with a bit of simple innocent(ish) storylines and mindless viewing. Did wonder though what has happened to Blairs eyes? Looks like hes about to have a cartoon eyepopping moment.

  3. There’s a real facebook page for the Jenny Gross character and you can actually be her friend on facebook. Has any other show done this before?


  4. Poor Blair Mcdonough is looking a little worse for wear these days….what happened to him? Sunken eyes and looking quite unhealthy…I dont think hes a really bad actor though, people just say that coz he was on Big brother but I think he’s actually not a bad actor at all.

  5. @Ruddeger Virginia Gay is only 29. I know she looks a lot older but its true. Anyway it’s good to see her back on the tv because she was great in All Saints. It was also good to see Michala Banas play a bitchy role when we last saw her she was nice Kate in Mcleods Daughters.

    I enjoyed the show. The reunion was funny and also bought back some memories from High school not the hanging out in the toilet part thought though.

    I thought Denise Scott was good as a mother and also see her in a serious side not funny asll the time.

    It was also good to see Dylan from neighbours. He was a really good actor. It was also strange to see Mark from neighbours appear.

    Anyway will be interetsing to see the rtaings next week. I will watch it again. The only downer is no Parenthood next week.

  6. On the point about them looking different ages. I would say, even in high school, some friends looked a fair bit older than me. Anyone who has been to a reunion, or bumped into a past school friend in the street, or on facebook will know the years are kinder to some people than others.

  7. Agree about the weak start…the first thirty minutes were just musical montages. The script was so desperate to establish who everyone was and where they fit in that it made for some really awkward moments.

    The last half was definitely better and certainly Virginia Gay, Melanie Vallejo and Tom Wren made the best of the cheese-ball lines/situations. They are quality actors.

    The rest of the cast were ordinary…but Blair McDonough killed me. I had to fast forward whenever his sickly face appeared…and that nude scene…Hell no.

    Definitely one to iQ and series link…it’s lite-and-easy viewing.
    (I just do not understand why people watch anything – except sport and news – live anymore!)

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