Sour cream granny is tops for TEN

Who remembers when US TV executive Bob Shanks had Family Double Dare pour pink custard on contestants in the name of entertainment?

Does anybody remember US TV executive Bob Shanks (and one-time TEN boss) having Family Double Dare pour pink custard on contestants in the name of primetime entertainment in the ’80s?

Last night Josh Thomas’ 83 year old grandmother Mona was doused in sour cream in a startling episode of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. Who said television wasn’t cyclical? True, this is a much better show, but you’re still going to  hell Shaun Micallef!

The episode pulled its best so far this year at 1.07m, the top show for TEN for Tuesday night.

But not even a sour cream granny could top the culinary lure of My Kitchen Rules on 1.42m. It won the slot beating The Big Bang Theory was 797,000 for its first episode (Nine is still fiddling with some programming in Brisbane). The second episode of 7:30 dropped to 660,000. Insight was 161,000.

Top show for the night was Packed to the Rafters on a cool 1.8m viewers over NCIS (1.05m), Top Gear (813,000) and How Earth Made Us (569,000).

Parenthood (743,000) kept up the winning for Seven over an NCIS repeat (719,000), Qi (606,000) and Adults Only 20 To 1 (428,000) at 10pm.

Neighbours on ELEVEN (353,000) rated higher than both 6pm with George Negus on TEN (329,000) and TEN Evening News -now down to 259,000. On a positive note, the long running soap was far and away the most popular offering on a multichannel last night, more than double the second highest rating show, Everybody Loves Raymond at 169,000.

Week 11

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  1. So -t.v has stooped to an all time low. Since when was it funny to watch a defenceless old lady be humiliated in public? Smart alec Mecallef sure showed his lack of respect and Josh whats his name must be desperate for laughs. Shes 83! Use your brains(obviously lacking in that department) -What if she were to have had a heart attack? Whos laughing then? Our famliy won’t be watching this rubbish again. Hope the brave old lady is o.k and got a fat pay cheque from channel 10.

  2. Might have to make the 7pm project a 1 hour show starting at 6.30…rename “The Project”
    Perhaps the locally focused evening news is better suited to 10/10.30pm with re-run of Negus at 10.30/11pm, with the national “Late News” decommissioned?

  3. And with all that news they still can’t get their facts straight.

    Nine was reporting on Sheen’s ‘drug overdose’ the other day which was actually his hernia issue (no doubt brought on by drugs but Not a drug overdose)

  4. I dont think that the Network Ten board will allow this to go on for much longer. The extra news content that Ten has been delivering is good but it clearly isnt rating. Network Ten does not have time let the audiences find their way to Ten News bulletins, most of the audiences have 7 and 9 news ingrained into their brains. In this era of networks wanting and shareholders wanting immediate success for a new show or new news content then this kind of waiting is just not viable. The longer this goes on the longer Ten share price going down. Unlike ONE HD which has a future, the extended News bulletins do not. We already have enough News shows on FTA tv as it is we dont need more. (ABC News 24, SBS World News,7 and 9 News Morning news Evening News Afternoon News).

  5. not enough news is happening for TEN to devote 2.5 hours of primetime to news…. most serious news people would be watching some form of ABC if they arer that into news… the good thing is that the 6pm with George Fungus is excellent…and which ever way they go …it cant be scrapped… Its the ACA back in the old days and not the crap TT and ACA serve up now…keep going George

  6. Best episode in a while. Loved the sour creaming of Josh’s Granny. As for TEN they need something else. Move George to 6:30pm and try him there. Scrap 6pm timeslot and bring back The Simpsons and for now thats how it has to be. These numbers are very bad for our third commercial network. It makes Neighbours figures last year look extremely good.

  7. oh my god that was funny last night, Josh cracks me up so much he is really funny and Amanda and hubby were a riot, Charlie and his sister were great too and bringing up their mum and dad to help was verry funny as they had no idea. it was a very funny show last night.

  8. Ten Evening News must go! 259,000 viewers in that time slot early in the week is disgraceful. The numbers are not going to substantially improve. Ten must take action now.

    I recommend Negus move to 6:30pm and Neighbours comes back to Ten in a new time slot of 6:00pm – it should do reasonably well as a point of difference and provide Ten with some drama quota points.

    At the very least it covers off the embarrassing situation whereby Ten has no Australian drama whatsoever in prime time any more.

  9. It was a good show last night, Amanda and hubby was hilarious (as was their kids reporting back from home eating stale food for dinner). And couldn’t believe what they did to poor gran?!? But how awesome was she. And waving to the crowd at the end loving the attention like she was the star… and she was! Good on you Mona.

  10. I will say after a fairly lame and poorly executed third season…PTTR is defintely a lot better this season and seems to be back on track and almost close to being as good as it was season 1!

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