The end for East West 101

First it was City Homicide….

…. now East West 101 will take its leave.

SBS’ acclaimed drama season will come to a close with its third season, set to premiere at 8.30pm Wednesday, April 20.

The action-crime series starring Don Hany, Aaron Fa’aoso, Susie Porter and Rena Owen has consistently netted awards including Logie Awards, AFI Awards, AWG Awards and more. Recently it was nominated for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, and nominated in the TV Series Drama Category of the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

The final, seven part series explores the ramifications of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan through crimes committed in Australia. According to the synopsis, “What happened during the war in the opium fields of the Chora Valley, and the collateral damage to civilians in Tikrit, comes home to the streets of Lakemba and the malls of Cabramatta.”

Update: SBS has said Producers always wanted to do 3 series and the decision was theirs.


  1. **Spoiler Alert**

    I can’t believe this will be the last series. East West 101 improved with each subsequent season, even with each subsequent episode. The show has truly been one of the most compelling dramas on Australian television. While much tension was resolved with last night’s finale, much new tension was created with Malik tossing in his gun and badge in the face of Wright’s lax attitude toward justice in the face of Travis’ corruption, manslaughter and subsequent demise.

    There have been three seasons, but they were short 6 or 7 episode seasons, and therefore it almost seems the story has only just begun. Here’s hoping that ‘it is God’s will’ that there should be more : )

  2. It would be criminal not to do a 4th series – best Aussie cop drama ever.
    Would have rated much better with stronger exposure in the media – producers take note, there is huge potential for many more storylines.

  3. This is a fantastic show and will be sorely missed. Great story lines hitting on real multicultural issues. Much better than cheesy us shows ie csi franchise.

  4. Such a shame this is the final season – as everyone has said so far, this is by far the best Australian drama, definitely the best cop style drama on the TV at the moment. Very real, very now.

    Although I do agree with Anthony – I hope Rush stays forever. A close second! Looks like I’ll have to stick to watching British drama to get my fix of good TV.

  5. Absolutely agree. This is one show that stands above most other Aussie drama of this genre. This ranks alongside ABC’s Wildside of yester year. It also similar in feel to HBO’s The Wire, which ranks at the top of the heap anywhere. Thank God for iView so I can watch The Wire again. Wheres season 5 anyone.
    I also agree that Rush is a standout and has been my favourite show for the last couple of years the Wire apart.Ten would be mad to get rid of this show as its only now really taking hold.
    It also proves that given good scripts and shows Australia has some top quality local acting talent.

  6. Wasn’t sure about East West when it started. Thought it was trying to be a little too politically correct in its choice of stereotypic crimes and crims but have to say it just got better and better. While I’ll miss it, it’s probably better ending with the punters wanting more, as opposed to the punters being fed up. Same thing might apply to Rush which has been our favourite Oz cop show for ages.

  7. Not a great time for Aussie drama in general with Sea Patrol ending as well, plus this season will most likely be Rush’s last as it reaches 70 eps – so the tax offset will expire.

  8. Gosh, I hope Rush stays forever!!! (Ten needs the content points right?!)

    To be honest, even hearing so many great things about East West 101, I’ve never really been drawn to it or sat through an entire episode. I’ve only seen snippets here and there as I switch through the channels…

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