Top Gear, 20 to 1 update

Next Tuesday Nine returns to a Top Gear repeat and a 20 to 1 episode of "TVs Funniest Neighbours."

Next Tuesday Nine returns to a Top Gear repeat with the “Bolivia Special”, presumably because it doesn’t yet have Top Gear: Australia ready to fill in the absence of new UK episodes.

It last screened this episode nearly a year ago when it pulled nearly 1.75m viewers. In a later slot as a rerun and in an increased multichannel landscape it should be happy just to get to six figures.

More interestingly for television fans, a first-run episode of 20 to 1 has “TVs Funniest Neighbours.”

Any suggestions who it should include? Ned Flanders? Lenny & Squiggy? Harold Bishop? Fonzie (ok he probably isn’t really a neighbour)?

It airs at 10:10pm.

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  1. What the hell are Nine doing with Top Gear? Cost them a packet to get and they treat previously loyal ( SBS ) viewers with contempt by the way they throw the shoe around the schedule.

  2. I wish ELEVEN would show us the latest series of The Office. I believe they are season 6 (2009/2010). Steve Carrell is leaving the show in season 7 to be shown soon in the U.S

  3. Top Gear is dead to me on Nine and they were the ones who killed it for me. I just don’t understand why they didn’t air the priograms in the correct order and without chucking in specials from all over the place.

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on something as execrable as 20 to 1 but… hello? Kramer!

  4. I assume nine would be wanting a high six figure number (at least 800k+) for a show screening on it’s primary channel at 7:30pm. But then when it is up against MKR, any viewers the other channels get is a bonus.

  5. Channel 9 would be happy if Top Gear got to six figures? As in 100,000? Unlikely that they’d be happy with that.
    As for “TVs Funniest Neighbours” on 20 to 1, Wilson from Home Improvement. Not that I’d watch it. The show is scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. Have they done “20 to 1 Most Pointless Shows” yet?

  6. Don’t Nine still have 2 old eps of Top Gear Australia that they didn’t air? Or did I miss the memo that they were rescheduled?

    I wouldn’t know really; Nine’s schedule has been a mess of cutting and changing and repeats for too long.

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