Underbelly: Razor: cast

Exclusive: Who will head up the cast of Underbelly: Razor? Find out here...

Exclusive: TV Tonight understands the next instalment of Underbelly, set in Sydney in the 1920s, will star Danielle Cormack (Rake, Legend of the Seeker, East West 101), Jack Campbell (Home and Away, Gabriel)  Steve Le Marquand (Small Time Gangster, Laid, Rake, Sea Patrol), John Batchelor (Laid, Sea Patrol, :30 Seconds) and Felix Williamson (Hawke, Me and My Monsters, Happy Feet).

The series focusses on the Razor gangs led by feuding matriarchs Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh.

Screentime’s series will begin filming next month.

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  1. Watched Ep 1 – I’d forgotten how much Ch.9 can ruin a program with their excess of commercials and station promos. The ep. wasn’t that good anyway, full of melodramatic bulls..t, but the commercial breaks (up to 10 ads and station promos per break!) just totally destroyed any build up of interest and continuity.

  2. I cant wait ti see Underbelly Razor.
    based on a great read by Larry Writer. I also know one of the cast and he is a fresh face to the series…this one will be the best !

  3. Seems like a case of the same half dozen names and faces that seem to be cast in each and every production these days.
    Is there a shortage of actors or something, in this country.
    How about some fresh names and faces?

  4. @ roaringdave – I had no idea Eddie could act, the can’t host dynamically or speak properly, so I guess he has to have some talent.

    I don’t watch Underbelly, so it doesn’t matter much to me, likewise do I watch Home & Away, Sea Patrol, Happy Feet, or any of the shows/movies listed where these actors come from, therefore I’ve never heard of them 🙂 :30 Seconds was a great show, but apart from Kat and Gryton, I don’t remember the rest of the cast unfortunately.

    One question though, where’s Kate Ritchie?

  5. @ Bruce Banner : Would you prefer to see the same old faces every time in every TV show. Why not give some new/lesser-known faces a go. I suppose you would like it if Eddie McGuire was in it…

  6. hmm. begin filming next month? 9 must be planning on airing it at the very end of the year.

    Jack Campbell’s role in Home and Away was very small iirc only about 2 eps max. All Saints would be his major recent role.

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