V stars await word on renewal

V will have its season finale on GO! next week but the cast have given a number of interviews to media in which they speculate as to the sci-fi show’s future.

Star Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, has admitted she is uncertain if it will be renewed for a third season.

“I’m happy with the work we did this season, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” she explained. “Our ratings are holding in the demographic we need to, so who knows?

“Who knows how the new pilots for ABC are shaping up and what’s going to be important to them? All I can do is my job.

“It’s completely hard as an actor to have other people control your fate,” she said. But it’s kind of what I signed up for, so you just… try to stay as zen as possible about it.”

Co-star Scott Wolf (Chad Decker) recently claimed that he is anticipating a third season of the show.

“Ultimately there are questions that will be answered in the [second season] finale, but it is not serving as a series end,” he claimed. “Our story is not complete.”

It’s enough to make you gobble a rodent, Scott…

Source: Digital Spy


  1. A third season would be sufficient enough for me to wrap it all up. Why leave us hanging after what i have heard is a cliffhanger ending. If they wrap it up in 10 episodes like they had this season then i will be happy with that. 3 seasons can be enough. Would i love more? Sure i do i love V but i would hate it all to end here.

    ABC have lost a lot again this season and who knows they might be just saving the show because of it. Detroit and NOF are dead plus a lot of their other new shows have failed so keep it going ABC please.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    @Dee & Josh – I’m glad it’s not just me. His character has been shitting me for pretty much 2 seasons. Prob only Shannon from Lost has been more annoying in recent times. I wanted her to be eaten by the polar bear. Instead she was shot by the second-most annoying character who was then shot by the third-most annoying.

  3. I too hope for renewal. I feel like it sogged a little bit towards the end of S1 and start of S2 but its getting really good again now with what has happened in the last couple of eps to air here.

  4. S2 has been a vast improvement on S1. Possibly a case of too little, too late. I hope it gets a S3, purely to wrap up the story. I’ve enjoyed it, but I agree the original was much more involving.

  5. I hope it is renewed. I know the show doesn’t have the best writing, but I really don’t care, I enjoy watching it, especially for the wonderful Morena Baccarin. If the show is given another season, I hope the writers work towards wrapping it up by that point. If it isn’t renewed, perhaps a cable network can pick up the show and give it some extended life.

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