Vale: Esben Storm

Actor, writer, producer, director Esben Storm, who worked for many years in Australian children’s television has died, aged 60.

He is believed to have suffered a heart attack yesterday, following heart surgery in December.

Storm worked as writer and director on such shows as Round the Twist (also playing “Mr. Snapper,” pictured), The Genie from Down and Crash Zone.

In 2007 he was writer, director, producer and occasional actor on the SBS series Kick.

He also directed the features 27A, In Search of Anna, With Prejudice, Stanley, Deadly and Subterano plus the documentaries The Tasty Bust Reunion and America.

Other acting roles included Phoenix, Blue Heelers and Good Guys, Bad Guys.

His last acting appearance was on All Saints in 2008.

Source: Encore, IMDb


  1. Peter Colenso

    A fantastic neighbour in Elwood, Victoria. I was sad when they moved to Sydney. My condolences to Lisa and their children.

  2. I was watching Round The Twist this morning and have been all week (I just bought all 4 seasons on DVD) and the episode I watched today featured Mr. Snapper quite a bit. To come on and read about this only hours rather today is quite ironic. RIP.

  3. Was great on Round the Twist!

    Crash Zone was about a group of teenagers working for a company testing video games. It was better than it sounds. Was on 7 like in early 2000s i think, saturday mornings after Saturday Disney I think….

  4. Armchair Analyst

    Unfortunelty Esben Storm was the last of the reall creatives especially in childrens Tv. Round the Twist was awesome still love watching the reruns on ABC 3. I have never heard of Crash Zone can anyone fill me in what it was about.

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