Warburton alleged to have taken Seven papers

In the latest round of allegations directed at James Warburton, the former Seven exec now stands accused of taking sensitive documents from his last employer.

Yesterday Seven’s legal team told the NSW Supreme Court it became aware on Friday that he had allegedly taken commercially sensitive documents with him, some of which could amount to a “How To” on running the company.

But Warburton’s lawyer John West rejected the claim.

”Mr Warburton is fully apprised of his obligations to Channel Seven and there is no basis for this assertion made in open court and without evidence to support it,” he said.

“Mr Warburton left Seven for the last time on March 2 and on March 9, we were before the court.

“It strains credibility to imagine that they (Seven) failed to check Mr Warburton’s office from March 2 until March 18.”

Warburton has also prepared an affidavit.

The court granted orders that affidavits remain confidential.

The hearing continues on Friday.

Source: Smh, Herald Sun


  1. These pathetic tv networks, all bitching on at each other over stuff. TT vs ACA and the above story are just 2 examples. This, coupled with bad programming is exactly why people are turning to alternative sources to find entertainment they would once happily watch on the tele.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    The plot thickens. I don’t think that 7 can win this because they have done alot of accusing and filing law suits. James Warburton will be a Network Ten CEO and their is nothing 7 can do about it. Besides they will have to back those allegations up. Its interesting isnt it the 7 Network spend more time filing law suits against other corporations and less time fixing their on air product. Not good business sense plus they have also demonstrated in this latest legal battle that one person can be bigger then the entire company.

  3. Stokes has messed up generation change at Seven and now he’s having another one of his tantrums. Grow up and let the guy move on – just accept the fact that you didn’t have the insight to manage the transition. The rest is just posturing taking up a great deal of management time and money. It’s a boring distraction from business.

  4. Just don’t see the point of pursuing this in the courts. It resembles a bad relationship break-up. TV networks always get dirty when their execs defect to another network.

  5. This is pathetic; just give it up and let the man move on from his job; note to future TV Employees – don’t work for the Seven Network unless you plan on staying with them forever.

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