Winners and Losers to replace Rafters

Seven’s newest drama Winners and Losers will replace Packed to the Rafters, most likely at 8:30pm Tuesday March 22nd.

Rafters has its season finale next week.

While it feels very early in the year for a finale this is no doubt because these episodes are actually part of last year’s episode cycle. The show will no doubt resume later in the year.

Whether the finale marks the exit of Jessica Marais from the series isn’t clear -media reports said she would be on air until June. Marais is leaving the show to pursue US opportunities. Mirroring that story last night, Rachel Rafter was even offered a job in the US at a time when she has relationship trouble with Jake (James Stewart).

Still it’s a TV drama, there is the possibility she could exit in the first episode of a new season….

Without Rafters in the Seven schedule the field could open up a little more for the competition.

Meanwhile Winners and Losers has a media launch tonight so expect an onslaught of publicity for the new show.


  1. I’d love it if channel 7 would say it as it is, not a season final but a break. Here’s a thought, why couldn’t they have made an Aussie drama night? Rafters first followed by W&L. I’d happily tune in to both, now I’m not so sure. High rating Aussie dramas have become a rare species, they should treat them a lot better. Not happy with 7. Again.

  2. I fear that Jessica Marais will sink without trace in the US, there are hundreds like her over there. Take for example, her Rafters co-actor Zoe Ventoura, who has just returned to Australia, and finds a new TV gig in Wild Boys.

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