6:30 takes time for Jon Blake

Monday night’s episode of 6:30 with George Negus featured a story on actor Jon Blake.

Blake was a handsome, rising star in the 1980s set for stardom when a tragic road accident during filming of The Lighthorsemen left him with permanent brain damage.

It remains one of the most tragic showbusiness tales of the last few decades.

Blake had previously featured in television dramas including The Restless Years and the ANZACS miniseries.

But as if his disability wasn’t enough, Blake has had to endure unbelievable hardships during the years that followed.

Anglea Bishop presented a moving story on 6:30 in which a former actor finally gets some better quality of life thanks to the devotion of his son Dustin -and at long last he sees his movie on the big screen.


  1. Such sad news. I met Paul in 1985 when we worked for the same company. This was just before his career started taking off and I remember how enthusiastic he was about the future. I remember him being a very kind and happy person, who was very easy to talk to and willing to help people. He was thoughtful and sincere. He was genuinely interested in what other people were doing and would remember them. We struck a sort of “work friendship” but lost contact when I found another job. I happened to see him a few months later on Military Road in Mosman and he looked so well and happy as he began telling me about the various film offers he was being considered for. The upbeat mood of our last conversation together has remained with me and emphasises the loss to us all. “The what could have been.” I have often thought of his family and friends, even though they don’t know me, and wished them well as they tended to his care. My thoughts are still with his family, carers and friends, and I hope this closure will now allow them to move positively ahead through life, with as much enthusiasm as Paul had and with the fond memories that I have. My sincere condolences and best wishes to you all.

  2. Dean Johnston

    What a nice ending to a nightmare for Jon and his family. I hope he will now be happy- props to Dustin and Bree you guys are unreal!

  3. such a gorgeous soul, I remember giving your mum some time out some afternoons and I would just read to you, you showed me strength, courage and you bared your beautiful soul, one that shone like a bright burning star………you are that Jon and so much more, Archangel Michael has you now and he will take care of you…………..sadly missed – gorgeous man………..be safe and enjoy the afterlife……….my heart aches, but my heart knows you are free…………take care my friend…..RIP ………until we meet again………..xx

  4. Weak story – no follow up on the Whys? What happened to the other guy in the car Michael Shearman? What was the cause of the car accident?
    Strange the Trustees of the Trust of the $7mil didnt visit him and sort out a better living arrangement – Courts will only order $7mil to a brain damaged person without a Trustee – who are they and why didnt they check on him?
    He’s dead now sadly – what a horrible life

  5. What a terrible injustice that poor man endured until his son finally took control, but alas only for his dad to be taken from him Again!!!! RIP Jon

  6. I saw John hailing a taxi cab at Castlecrag on the main road, as I was driving past, he was in his prime, and that’s how I would like to remember him.

  7. You poor man. What a terrible way to live in a darken room for 25 years.
    Rest in Peace Jon. Condolences to your family members who cared about you.

  8. Such a Tragic sad, sad story. I was devastated when he first had his accident and never ever, thought he wouldn’t come good…so wrong.. RIP beautiful man ..I pray your running around up there with the sun at your heels and your laughing and smelling the roses…I hope there was a nice cold beer on your arrival …God xxxxxxxxx

  9. I nursed Paul at home after his accident and know that he was trapped in the body that wouldn’t work for him. I am so happy that he was finally allowed to just relax and enjoy being with his son. Even the mention of his little boy (well he was then!) would always bring a sparkle to his eye. Knowing Paul, in that footage he looked the most calm and happy that I had seen him. Dustin did a wonderful thing giving Paul a caring and loving ending to his eventfiul life.

  10. Over the years I also have wondered what happened to him – He was Star Quality never forgotten. After watching this segment which I missed on TV I also was very moved to tears. How much we didn’t know and felt yes, many unanswered questions.

    This DR who and how he gained so much power, and how did they sell the house which wasn’t his-felt the editing made the story disjointed.

    Would also love to see his life on the Australian Story – A sad Day for all especially his beautiful son Dustin and Bree

  11. My cousin and her unborn baby died in a car accident the same day Jon Blake had his accident. Their accidents were an hour apart in distance. Another cousin and I sat in the cinema and cried all the way through ‘Lighthorsemen’ at the loss of 3 very special people in one day. It is so hard to believe that was 25 years ago. RIP Jon, may your soul and spirit have the freedom that your body denied you for so long.

  12. A very sad story, but I really would like a long detailed version, many questions unanswered. Hopefully Jon has gone to a beautiful place now…RIP

  13. In the early 80′s, I was a teenager looking up to the next generation of great actors such as John Blake and Mel Gibson.
    At some point while watching a Mel Gibson movie I sometimes wondered where John Blake could have been, if he had not been in that crash?…then trying to imagine the kind of life he was really living and made me feel so sad!

    After watching the story tonight, I was shocked that John spent all those years a in a dark lonely room…where in a different life, “the world could have been his very tiny oyster!” Thanks to his son, there was a happy ending.

    “His life would make a great Ausrtralian movie!”

    “John Blake, you were not forgoten” and you have left a part of you in your movies.
    Now that you are gone and no longer in pain…I prefer to remember only your great achievements. RIP

  14. I missed the 6.30 report but I never forgot Jon, he was such a great actor finally when he is taken in by his son he passes away so so sad, RIP Jon god takes the best……AP

  15. Jon Blake (as he is known to most of us), had a charisma that made it obvious that he was on the very verge of international recognition. I never forgot him, and occasionally went looking for information on him after this shocking accident.

    I missed this segment on TV and went looking again, to see if I could view it. Here it is! Many thanks!

    It was so good to see to see the dedication of his son,-but like others I suspect time constraints (and poor editing!) left many puzzles-as others have indicated here. That is frustrating, but at least C10 put this ‘catch-up’ to air. It is better than nothing at all.

    The suggestion that ‘Australian Story’ should do an episode (or a catch-up episode?) on Jon is a superb one!!

    ABC how about it?

  16. I was lucky enough to be the agent that sold the home to Jon, Dustin and Bree. I never had the priviledge to meet Jon but I certainly met Dustin and Bree and they are both amazing human beings and I wish all of them the best of luck for the future. Great work guys.

  17. Loved the update on Jon but would have liked it to be more in depth. The Lighthorseman was shot around Hawker where I grew up and while filming Jon was at my 18th birthday and signed a card for me which I treasure. He was a great guy and deserves to be happy.

  18. over the years i was always praying that a miracle would cure jon blake but i can see that the only miracle is that his son and fiancee are finally minding him. that doctor will get his in the end i hope. good luck jon.

  19. Its great to see a happy ending for Jon and his son. He deserves so much more. More recognition for his contribution as an actor!!! Its disgusting that the system/law disregards the rights of people with disabilities….

  20. I knew Jon before his accident, we lost contact when he went to America to study at the Stella Adler Academy and when I learned of his horrific accident I contacted his mother Mascot and introduced myself. Mascot was an amazing woman who gave up a large part of her life to Paul’s care (she never called him Jon).
    I admired her greatly as she battled the guardianship for Paul’s rights, she even had birthday parties for him which I would attend. He was never in a darkened room when i would visit, but lying on a medical bed facing out towards the pool.

    His son Dustin was always present for these parties as were all of Paul’s friends and I’m sure he had a degree of awareness as to how much he was loved.

    The Negus program was disjointed though, I have no idea who this deregistered doctor was and how he came to assume so much power. How was Dustin able to regain control to sell it was also not clear, it would have been a far more cohesive story if these issues were cleared up. But even so it makes me very happy to know Paul is in a great house and is being cared for by Dustin, best wishes to both these lovely men.

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