6:30 takes time for Jon Blake

Monday night’s episode of 6:30 with George Negus featured a story on actor Jon Blake.

Blake was a handsome, rising star in the 1980s set for stardom when a tragic road accident during filming of The Lighthorsemen left him with permanent brain damage.

It remains one of the most tragic showbusiness tales of the last few decades.

Blake had previously featured in television dramas including The Restless Years and the ANZACS miniseries.

But as if his disability wasn’t enough, Blake has had to endure unbelievable hardships during the years that followed.

Anglea Bishop presented a moving story on 6:30 in which a former actor finally gets some better quality of life thanks to the devotion of his son Dustin -and at long last he sees his movie on the big screen.


  1. I saw the film “Freedom” here in England in 1985 and it made a lasting impression, not only for the landscape and the Porsche but, in equal measure, Jon Blake too – I often wondered what became of the actor and the other day I found the trailer to “Freedom” on YouTube. I’d no idea until then that he’d been so terribly injured all those years ago – and then to discover in the same breath that he’d just died…

    My heartfelt best wishes to Dustin, surely the finest son Jon could have wished for.

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