ABC2 reschedules Tim Minchin vs the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

If you didn't see the amazing Tim Minchin, or if you tried before, you'll get another chance on Sunday night.

ABC2 will replay ABC2 Live presents Tim Minchin vs the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on Sunday night after audio problems disrupted the broadcast from the Sydney Opera House.

It will replay at 8:30pm, the same timeslot it aired last Sunday.

Minchin fans were left fuming after two audio feeds were fed to air simultaneously.

The problems was caused by a fault in the audio setup.

Only Western Australian viewers, on a three hour delay, saw the broadcast uninterrupted.

On Monday Stuart Menzies, Controller of ABC2, said “ABC TV apologises to both viewers and Tim Minchin for the disruptions to a fantastic show, which we are very proud to be associated with.”

Even Media Watch slapped the ABC for the blunder.

Hopefully the attention the show received means more viewers will sample the replay on Sunday night.

Minchin’s eclectic and frequently rude performance was magical nonetheless, finishing with a standing ovation.

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  1. Soooooo frustrating. We (along with own wonderful ranga son ) were at the concert at the Opera House on Thursday 24th & desperatedly wanted to see it all again. Tim was on fire. We watched the ABC2 in dismay as difficulties unfolded then heard that it was to be broadcast again But missed it due to other commitments – ughhhhhh! Will there be a DVD?

  2. They missed one song in the WA broadcast, just before the interval, but otherwise it was a sensational broadcast and show by Tim Minchin, I really enjoyed it last week!

    Would recommend.

  3. Excellent! Been holding on to the screwed-up version on my PVR just in case it was the only option.

    They’d better not run it late this time though. I have 20 minutes of padding at the end of every recording, and it still cut out midway through the final part of the show.

  4. Good news about the concert getting a replay, as I didn’t see it due to too many other conflicts that night. I expect this means the documentary Easy Riders, Raging Bulls is now out.

  5. The ABC should be congratulated rather then be slapped. I Live about 1600km from a capital city and the likelyhood of me attending something like this live is nil. It turns out Tim Minchins show is not my sort of thing, but I had the oppertunity to try it. Besides people who do enjoy it now get a second chance.

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