Airdate: Blood Brothers

Nine’s new true-crime telemovie Blood Brothers, based on the Gilham murders of 1993 in Sydney, will premiere on Sunday, May 8th at 8.30pm.

The thriller stars Michael Dorman (Daybreakers, Suburban Mayhem, The Secret Life of Us) as Jeffrey Gilham who faced a murder charge over his young brother, Christopher, claiming that he killed him in a fit of rage after Christopher murdered their parents.

But despite pleading guilty to manslaughter and walking free on a good behaviour bond, family members persisted with the case and further investigations from the Crown.

In 2009 Gilham was sentenced to 2 terms of life imprisonment with no non-parole period set.

The Nine drama will be driven by the viewpoints of Gilham’s uncle Tony (Tony Martin), and Crown Prosecutor Margaret Kennedy (Lisa McCune). The cast also includes Rick Donald, Jodi Gordon, Frankie J. Holden and Jonny Pasvolsky.

Blood Brothers, starring Lisa McCune, Tony Martin and Michael Dorman, is adapted from the true-crime book Blood Brother: Justice at Last, by Robin Bowles. It is the gripping story of Jeffrey Gilham (Dorman) who had a perfect life and lived in the heart of Sydney’s affluent and idyllic Shire district. He was handsome, educated, a champion athlete and a model son from a perfect family.

So why, on a freezing night in 1993, did this model son butcher his parents and brother? Or did he? The Gilham murders, Australia’s most sensational crime since the Azaria Chamberlain case, divided a community and inflamed the media.

Now, for the first time, the true story behind this shocking triple murder is told from the point of view of the two people who were most intimately affected: the victim’s brother Tony Gilham (Martin), who went on a 14-year crusade for justice; and Crown Prosecutor Margaret Kennedy (McCune) who found herself arguing a seemingly unwinnable case.

As this gothic tale twists and turns, viewers will remain passionately divided about the eventual trial and the guilty verdict, and what really happened that terrible night in the Gilham household.

Directed by Peter Andrikidis and produced by Playmaker Media (Wicked Love – The Maria Korp Story), Blood Brothers also stars newcomer Rick Donald, Jodi Gordon, Frankie J. Holden and Jonny Pasvolsky.

Blood Brothers is a psychological thriller that reconstructs an amazing story. It is a chilling portrait of crime and punishment, and a compelling insight into the disturbing complexity of human nature.


  1. Criminology Student

    I think it is rather interesting. 
    I didn’t even know that the show is on until just then. I cant wait to see it because in my humble opinion, it would be quiet knowledgeable to watch and experience the case, it is not only that the show excercise educational viewpoint yet something factual to watch on my boring sunday night.

  2. I’ve seen 2 maybe 3 ads for this and didn’t even realized when it was on until I checked this story. Not sure how many people want psychological thriller when they are relaxing on a Sunday night, I’m sure it will rate but Castle and Hawaii 5-0 will be close behind.

  3. Nine are extremely good at crime/thriller TV. Take Underbelly telemovies for example. So I expect this to be good. They are obviously backing it if it’s been scheduled for a an 8:30pm timeslot on a Sunday

  4. This is the problem with Channel 9. Before Winners & Losers, the hype was incredible even two weeks out from the airdate.
    Right now, probably only a select few people know about Nine’s upcoming telemovie, simply because they’re not promoting, or causing a racket about it.
    Contrary to popular belief, over-promoting a show works, more than underpromoting one anyway.

  5. I wonder how long til Ch 9 runs out of using past true aussie murder crime stores, to create another mini-series or telemovie to obtain high tv ratings?.

    Are they attempting to undo the Americans & thier countless need to use someone’s pain & misery to peoples’ tv viewing pleasure?.

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