Airdate: Detroit 1-8-7

As previously tipped, Seven will premiere US crime series Detroit 1-8-7 soon.

It will air at 9pm on Wednesday April 13th, following the 90 minute finale of My Kitchen Rules. The cooking show will no doubt give it a good lead-in, as well as being in the slot where City Homicide has been screened.

Detectives Washington and Fitch investigate a double homicide at a pharmacy. Then, Longford and Mahajan try to track down the killer of an unpopular attorney. When both cases intersect, the cops race against time to put an end to the killing spree.


  1. The Criminal Minds spin-off has only 13 episodes and is currently being tested in the US at the moment. There’s no guarantee it’ll take off in a big way.

  2. If it doesn’t rate well, it’ll be sent to the late night slot then taken off air completely then in about a few months or a year, it’ll turn up on 7mate.

  3. I wouldn’t judge it by the first ep it gets much better as it goes along I really enjoyed it. Closest comparison would be homicide on the streets but not quite as good still enjoyable. So far as I know it hasn’t be stated that it’s cancelled for sure as yet. The final ep introduced a baddie played by Tommy flannigan(chibbs) from sons of anarchy would be awesome if it continues with him up against Fitch 🙂

  4. Thanks A and Nate for the info. I think I will watch the first episode. If it engages me I’ll risk it. I hope the season 1 finale is not a cliffhanger if it’s not renewed.

  5. Such a high profile slot on the back of sevens biggest hit would make more sense to give it to a new show with a future Detroit is only good for 17 episodes it won’t be back for season 2

  6. why waste a good lead in, they should premiere either Downtown Abbey or Body of Proof after the finale, then maybe move it to Mondays as Conviction Kitchen is winding up

  7. @ alfagirl

    It’s not cancelled yet but TVByTheNumbers thinks it will be with under half the numbers it needs. Same with No Ordinary Family i.e. certain to be cancelled. That said they also thought Fringe was likely, rather than certain, to be cancelled with better percentile numbers for the network (FOX instead of ABC ) and it was renewed instead. So they aren’t perfect.

  8. @MillerT1 – Are you a 7 spin doctor? Since when has a show almost certain to be axed due to poor ratings been deemed a “hit show”?

    @ alfagirl – It hasn’t officially been cancelled yet, but the final episode has already aired…which in March isn’t a good side and its chances of being renewed are bordering on non-existent.

  9. Good move, launching a hit show off the finale of another hit show and works as a Criminal Minds replacement when they run out of new eps.

    When I first saw the promo for this on Seven, I thought that it might have been for the Criminal Minds spinoff. You would think that because Criminal Minds is doing well over here, they would be keen to launch the spinoff ASAP or at least want to launch it before smaller success story Detroit 1-8-7.

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