Airdate: Inside the Arctic Circle

CNN has a documentary special on the Arctic Circle by Philippe Cousteau, son of Jacques Philippe Cousteau.

Cousteau is now a special correspondent for the broadcaster.

In a revealing and unique half hour, CNN goes beyond borders to one of the most remote places on earth: the Arctic, some 550 kilometers from the North Pole.

CNN Special correspondent and renowned environmentalist, Philippe Cousteau, joins a group of elite scientists studying the dangers of melting sea ice and other effects of climate change. Get a first hand look at the preparation and survival skills it takes for such a journey: the gear, the training, how to stay warm, and how to survive an encounter with a polar bear! You’ll see it all.

So join us, as our team journeys to the Catlin Arctic Survey Ice Base for an extraordinary special that only CNN can bring you.

Inside the Arctic Circle airs 5.30pm AEST Saturday April 16 on CNN and replays as follows:

Saturday April 16
7.30pm AEST

Sunday April 17
3.30pm AEST

Monday April 18
1.30pm AEST

UPDATE: CNN advises this has now been postponed and replaced with Going Green: Green Light for Business.

The landscape is pure white as far as the eye can see, but the North Pole is “Going Green”! CNN special contributor Philippe Cousteau brings us the latest “Green Light for Business”, while embarking on an Arctic expedition. He tells us how the discoveries that researchers are making
about climate change, in the Arctic and around the world, are affecting the way many companies are doing business. Russian companies are taking advantage of new Arctic transit routes, to operate more efficiently and be more environmentally-friendly. Further from the Arctic, a South Korean steelmaker has an innovative way to avoid polluting the environment – it’s moved its entire operation indoors. And don’t toss out that fast-food wrapper – a French packaging company is promoting unique products that will keep your lunch waste out of the landfill. These environmentally-conscious companies are playing a key role in protecting the planet, changing the way we live, and learning from the work of Arctic researchers as they toil away at the top of the world.

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  1. I wish CNN would convert to 16:9 widescreen. It bugs me that so many news channels are broadcast in 4:3 while their international counterparts are broadcast in 16:9, and some even in HD – CNN is broadcast in both 16:9 and HD in the U.S., CNBC Asia is broadcast in 16:9 in certain countries, and Al Jazeera is broadcast in 16:9. The only news channels that don’t are Bloomberg and CCTV News (I could be mistaken though).

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