Airdate: Jersey Shore

US Reality series Jersey Shore will finally have its free to air premiere with a two-hour episode on 7mate next month.

The breakout show follows eight young adults – Vinny, The Situation, Snooki, Sammi, Ronnie, J-WOWW, Angelina and DJ Pauly D – as they move into a summer share house on the Jersey Shore.

In the US the show is now in its third season with a fourth to commence filming. It has made pop-culture stars of its cast of unknowns but attracted some criticism for its portrayals of Italian-American stereotypes as ‘Guidos.’

MTV is also launching a British counterpart, Geordie Shore.

7mate has also announced it will be adding American Pickers, Eastbound and Down, IRT: Deadliest Roads and Swamp People later this year.

Jersey Shore
will begin Wednesday, May 11 at 8:30pm.


  1. 7mate is collecting a good bunch of shows, Jersey Shore, Swamp people and Pawn Stars (in 7mates original release announcement) are US cables 3 highest rating shows. Together with shows like family guy, American dad and the amazing race make it a much more relevant digital channel than the rest of the others.

  2. The premiere of Jersey Shore means the final episode of The Amazing Race 18 (US) will probably shown on 7mate on May 18. The following Wednesday, May 25, is the first game of the 2011 State of Origin series between NSW and Queensland. Just hope Seven will not launch The Amazing Race Australia on that night.

  3. The best news in all of this is that Eastbound & Down is getting a Free-to-air screening, most likely not before 10:30pm because of it’s content, even on 7mate but I reckon it will rate quite well, especially with the rise of Danny McBride in the last two years and the guest appearances of Will Ferrall.

  4. Armchair Analyst

    @Jezza. The Girls do look hot in the image agree with you their. I saw promos of this on 7Mate and i was thinking i might watch it. The show really belongs on 11 considering the demographic which it is aimed at. However all the youth shows shuch as Vampire Diaries and Jersey Shore plus Gene Simmons Family Jewels have been snapped up by the two oldest Networks, which is a shame considering Network Ten was known as a youthful network. It just goes to show that timing is everything in the world of Tv. On reflection Network 10 should have launched a second digital channel 11 in 2009 and then later turn Ten Hd into a sports channel it would have worked out better and Ten would be number 1 or at least 2 in the rankings. 11 would have better shows on it all american youthful type, and the sports channel would be successful.

  5. you will enjoy it Jezza…
    ive watched all 3 seasons on MTV (Austar) and its really good with the cat-fights and dilemmas of bringing girls back to the house….
    maybe im being biased as im an italian-australian, but there are alot of similarities… 🙂

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