Airdate: No Ordinary Family

Seven will premiere No Ordinary Family with a double episode on Monday May 2nd.

The series stars Michael Chiklis (The Shield) and Julie Benz (Dexter) and their family who gain super-powers after crashing in the Amazon.

It is yet to be renewed or cancelled by ABC (US) but both stars have been announced in other new TV pilots.

The Powells are an everyday average family with everyday average problems. However, after they are doused in strange glowing river waters during a crash in the Amazon, they slowly realize that they have gained extraordinary powers… and that they’re not the only ones. Then, Jim and Stephanie secretly break their promises to one another not to use their super powers when Jim takes on some elusive bank robbers and Stephanie uses her speed powers. Meanwhile Daphne struggles with the voices in her head and discovers that JJ has been keeping his new powers a secret from the family.

It premieres 7:30pm Monday May 2nd.


  1. I really wish we saw “new” TV shows in Australia sooner.

    I find it hard to be enthusiastic about a “new” TV show when I know it has been cancelled (or is Very close to being cancelled) in the US. The only redeeming feature of No Ordinary Family is the inclusion of Julie Benz, Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless in the cast.

  2. this will be on 7Mate before the month is over. I liked it but wont work in Australia. It’s no different to Heroes and get a little weird towards the end of the season

  3. I’m looking forward to this but the ads have been going so long most of the excitement has worn off. Although mondays will be a bit of a tight squeeze especially once the repeats stop.

  4. Looks good, ads were alright but the feet dragging by Seven, I’ve lost interest. Now Seven how about an airdate for Downton Abbey? please thank you

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Isn’t Chiklis just reprising his role from Fantastic Four but without the crusty exterior?

    Yeah, double-ep premieres suck. Hopefully this ends up on 7mate in HD. Assuming Seven have the HD version.

  6. I’ve watched the first 4 episodes, but just didn’t find it that great. Nothing too original, not too exciting, Michael Chiklis is poorly cast imo. Didn’t like it, prob won’t do well here either.

  7. This is sooo going to be cancelled in the US… seeing as though 7Mate is in HD and a dumping ground for (potentially) cancelled series like this, I’m surprised its not on that channel…

  8. I think it’s good and there is an ongoing story/mystery for the season(I guess series now) but Seven this is too little too late, you should have started airing it months ago, or last year on 7TWO or 7MATE where I’m sure this will end up in a few weeks.

    And yes I don’t like 2 hours premiers unless it’s an actual 2 hour episode and not just 2 eps stitched together. It speaks of desperation and wanting to get through them as quickly as possible.

  9. I knew this would go to Mondays! This leaves DWTS for Sundays and TAR for Wed.

    I won’t watch the series but it looks like a fun program and a nice break from all the homicide/crime shows airing every night. And 7 have 20 episodes they can air which will see the show on for the next 5 months, unless it gets bumped to 10:30

  10. Finally! Seven have been airing ads for this show since the start of the year. I don’t like its chances against Masterchef… but hope it does reasonably well.

  11. David @ Green Point

    The track record for shows of this genre ain’t terribly good in Australia.

    I’ll be watching, but won’t expect too much…

  12. Armchair Analyst

    I just had a look at this on you tube and it looks ausome. This show kind of e=reminds me of the disney pixar movie the Incredibles, when the movie begins with the parents being interviewed by a reporter the difference between the Incredibles and this is that in this it is a psychologist or psychiatrist i think. Anyway this looks good, hopefully ABC America give it a second season, this is exactly why most american content is good and most australian content is ordinary and australian network would never take a chance on this and i am sure no one here would think of anything like it, its a shame but the truth.

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