Andrew Bolt in talks with TEN

Controversial News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt is in talks with TEN about a new on-air role, according to The Australian.

Bolt, who already appears occasionally on The 7PM Project as well as ABC’s Q & A and more regularly on Insiders, may have to leave the latter if a new role conflicts.

On yesterday’s ABC programme he told viewers, “It’s nearly 10 years that we’ve been on air and I’ve come to really appreciate and rely on the support I’ve got. I love ABC viewers, thank you very much.”

But Bolt is still booked in for an appearance in three weeks’ time.

An ABC Spokesperson told TV Tonight, “He appears on the program from time to time, and will continue to do so until such time as any other media commitments he has rule him out.”

Where Bolt could finish up isn’t yet clear: The 7PM Project (there isn’t much room to expand his current role), 6:30 with George Negus (unlikely to accommodate two opinions) or TEN News (it’s possible it could add an editorial segment). There is also Sunday morning’s Meet the Press (an Insiders rival) or a potential new programme.

Bolt is currently appearing in a high-profile litigation case being conducted under claims he has breached the Racial Discrimination Act.


  1. Wouldn’t watch an Andrew Bolt show even if they were paying me. Just team him up with the utter one Piers and they can talk to each other about the dreaded Left, immigration & their global cooling theories until they’re blue in the face.

  2. I guess they just don’t care about their credibility then. That’s why I often avoid stuff on the ABC eg. The Insiders and The Drum. I just don’t like biased pundits of either stripe wasting time talking absolute drivel. Too bad the shows are just not interested in talking with scientists or other people on the front lines of the issues most of the time. That’s when The Drum gets interesting eg. Dr Karl. Then there might be some sense. Instead they think people talking trash is the way to go. Nope that’s where I turn off or over to another channel. Or do something else. Whatever they do with him I will lose respect for them. Just like I did with Nine and Mark Latham. It definitely sent the message not to bother watching the rubbish they wish to litter the airways with that they called News. And I used to watch Brian Naylor for about 20 years.

  3. Maybe Bolt is going to be on Dicko’s new show that discusses controversial subjects. Also agree that Tracey Curro is fantastic, an absolute professional and I could watch her all night.

  4. I actually like Tracey Curro so I hope she does get a show. Unlike Bolt, she is actually a ‘journalist’ and not just a living microphone of the Liberal Party. There were all those rumours with Jennifer Byrne getting a show. Imagine that, Negus, Curro and Byrne all in one current affairs show (alongside Riminton and Hamish MacDonald of course).

  5. Is TEN using The 7pm Project to usher in people to the Network? George has done it, now this?

    I bet Tracey Curro will get a show of her own too, although i don’t mind her so it may be a good thing. Watch this space

  6. I hope they’re not going to add editorials to Ten news because that would be the end of watching news on Ten for me. The News should be about reporting the facts and not giving opinions. There are current affairs shows that deal with opinions so let them be separate.

  7. I’m worried that Murdoch and co might start to establish fox news style programming in Australia where they have opionist instead of proper news reporting where facts aren’t really important. Basically they make things up to push one political party and demonize the other parties based on pure lies and propaganda.

  8. he’s revolting and completely wrong. he ruins Insiders every time he is on. I must say, if he went to Channel 10 i would be very happy as then i would never have to see him again and would be able to enjoy Insiders more…now they just need to get rid of Piers Ackerman!

  9. I don’t mind Andrew Bolt, his opinions are well researched & intelligent, but he does naturally cop a lot of flack from the green-left as he is the complete opposite of them. Steve Price on the other hand is like one of those reactionary types who is not well researched. You tend to get lunatics on both extremities on the political spectrum, but I do laud those on the extreme fringes who are capable of proper political debate and discussion. It may not be popular, but it is necessary for balancing differing views.

  10. mark wallace

    I won’t watch any show with Andrew Bolt in it.I cannot stand his extreme right wing views that are a direct copy of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and Dick Cheney.His hatred of the Prime Minister is disgusting ..there isn’t a thing she does that he doesn’t comment on and he tries to stir up hatred all the time for the Labor Party.His views on Global Warming are a joke..Please Channel 10 do not hire this idiot…He reminds me of Glen Beck, who hates everbody who isn’t extreme right wing.

  11. i change the station evrery time he is on 7PM Project.

    Dude, don;t use the fact that we hate you as fuel to be more controversial and headline grabbing, use it to get the idea we want you to p**s off.

    His own show? Yeah, will go as well as the evening news did…

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