Angry Boys clip “banned” by ABC

If you watched an Angry Boys “sneak peek” published online earlier today then you were lucky to see it before it was banned.

The ABC today requested TV Tonight remove the clip.

The footage in question showed Chris Lilley as Juvenile Justice Centre officer ‘Gran’ at home with her guinea pig “Kerri-Anne,” and appears in the premiere on May 11th. The clip had none of the more risque elements of the upcoming show.

ABC along with all Free to Air networks, Foxtel owned & operated channels and some Pay TV channels such as Showtime and LifeStyle has agreed to clips being available for online use as a way of promoting their content.

Short clips can be used under the Copyright “Fair Dealing” provided they are used for News and Review.

Recent “exclusive” clips hosted on TV Tonight have included Paper Giants, RocKwiz, City Homicide, The Circle, Zumbo, Nine News, TEN News, Californication, Review with Myles Barlow, Rake, Nikita, Spooks, The Librarians and more.

All have been used in accordance with the Copyright Act.

But there are unique sensitivities with Angry Boys‘ given the joint broadcaster contracts and international interest in Lilley.

The ABC did not advise media that use of footage breached Princess Pictures’ contract with international broadcasters HBO and BBC.

ABC Executive Producer Debbie Lee explains: “Due to contractual obligations between the co-producers any unauthorised footage of Angry Boys uploaded online, will put the producers in breach of the contract.

“ABC TV apologises to the readers of TV Tonight for any confusion caused.”

ABC has agreed to give TV Tonight first peek at a clip next week before it is widely available.


  1. I think this is the classic case oflets give out a clip then say we have to pull it – knowing full well they couldn’t technically show it in the first place.

  2. Well if I were you I’d cease all promotion of the series – and certainly not bother with the drips that ABC feed you.

    It looks bloody awful anyway.

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