Another Terra Nova trailer

This new trailer Terra Nova has a little bit more than previous ones, but again it includes some footage we've seen before.

FOX has been releasing Terra Nova footage like a slow-drip, with most clips showing next to nothing of the upcoming dino-series.

This new trailer has a little bit more, but again it includes some shots from previous trailers. Either they are being very strategic about how much they are releasing or those questions about how much footage was ready have a ring of truth about them.

Still it looks like one worth watching when it finally does arrive.

It stars Jason O’Mara and premieres in the US in the Fall season. It will air in Australia on TEN.


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  1. Terra Nova should be a nice change from the glut of police procedurals and reality shows that currently clutter our screens.

    The show I’m really looking forward to is the alien invasion drama Falling Skies, which appears to be a blend of good characters and a gripping plot.

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