Balls of Steel Australia tops Comedy Channel

The premiere of Balls of Steel Australia was the #1 show on Subscription Television last night, with 195,000 metro + regional viewers.

The prank show hosted by Craig Reucassel, has already broken records for the Comedy Channel becoming its most-watched programme ever.

Comedy’s previous title holder was Season 1 of The Merrick and Rosso Show.

The show produced by Southern Star Entertainment series is based on a UK format and features one cast member, Neg, in the Aussie edition.

The first episode of Balls of Steel Australia will be replayed on Sunday April 24 at 6.00pm, and Monday April 25 at 10.30pm.


  1. As a fan of the UK version of Balls of Steel, I was very disappointed with the local version. Fame Whore was so bad, I could have sworn that she must have been a character from Ben Elton’s Live From Planet Earth. James Kerley ‘quiz show’ wasn’t a patch on the Alex Zane version. Neg was good and Nude Girl was quite good Hopefully the show can improve.

  2. I agree with most of the comments regarding the promotion, but it will be interesting to see if the ratings can be sustained. I am a huge fan of the UK version, but the Aussie version was terrible. Neg was the highlight, James Kerley raised a chuckle, but the two women, particularly Fame Whore were just plain annoying. I will tune in next week to see those acts that didn’t perform on the premiere, but going on last night’s effort, this show was a great big disappointment.

  3. you need to get your facts right. it was watched by 86 thousand viewers nationally. 195 k is how many people watched 2 mins of it.

    but that still is more than the comedy channel has ever done before.

  4. @ozzzie – This is a great example of how a program should be promoted. We have known for probably a month exactly what date & time this would be on. The FTA channels really need to wake up with their promotions, they are too vague!

  5. I’m glad it did well for The Comedy Channel! It was very similar (if not exact the same) as the UK version.They were really plugging the ‘Nude Gurl’ segment a lot during the show… haha that’s probably why it rated so well!
    David, do you know how many episodes there are this season?

  6. That is a great result. Well done Foxtel and The Comedy Channel!!

    The actual show was pretty much the same as the British version, which I guess I should have expected. James Kerley was great even if he was a complete copy of Alex Zane. Loved the guessing of the Back to the Future movies.

    The first girl – famewhore- was terrible though. Could work if they changed it abit and not make her act like Paris Hilton with badly dated jokes. She reminded me of the two schoolgirls at the start of the very first ep of Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth. And we know where that went……..

  7. 195,000 nationally is pretty damn good. Comedy must be thrilled.
    And last week Crime & Invesigation had about 385,000 for Kalgoorie Cops.
    Lifestyle has a huge hit with Selling Houses Australia.
    And Arena did huge pay biz with Project Runway Australia

    Each networks biggest sucess story is Australian programming.

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