Chaser’s Royal Wedding clips revealed

The Chaser boys have now released the clips they couldn't play due to their ABC2 broadcast.

The Chaser boys have now released the clips they couldn’t play due to their ABC2 broadcast last night.

You can check them out below.

Do not attempt this at home.







Warning: language.

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  1. Some very ordinary folk who get to vote post comments preferring Daryl Somers and The Circle over some of these v.amusing Chaser treatments, WTF! – the Libyan/Japanese clip was champagne satire – satire is supposed to be irreverent fellas that’s why it’s on the public broadcaster.

  2. Fabulous, genuinely funny and irreverent.

    So what if some of you didn’t find it funny or thought it was in bad taste- that shouldn’t stop me seeing it and enjoying a laugh. The point is why shouldn’t we be able to watch it. This kind of censorship is pathetic.

  3. I think everybody is missing the point. With the disaster clips they were highlighting the point that its foolish to become consumed by tiaras and flowers when something needs our attention more. It wasnt disrespectful, if anything the chaser is more concerned than probly most of you!!

  4. To bring the Japan tragedy into a satirical program, disgraceful. Is it funny to belittle real people in terrible circumstances just for a laugh. Imagine what would have happened if they used the Queensland flood footage to have a laugh.

    The rest of the clips were just not funny.

    The chaser has now become the biggest man made Disaster on the ABC.

  5. I thought some of those were pretty funny (the odds, the Guard).

    Amusing to me how fashionable it’s become to trash The Chaser.

    Almost as fashionable as it was about 3 years ago to fall over oneself to crap on about how much one loved The Chaser and watched nothing else. They weren’t Gods then, and they’re not bad now – but at their best, they’re terrific, and they haven’t lost it at all (IMHO).

  6. That was distinctly unfunny.

    I’ll think The Chaser are seriiously cutting edge when they do skits sending up the sex life of the Iranian President. Until then they are just trying to get mileage from the very system that gives them their free speech.

  7. Geeez why didn’t they just let the chasers do their commentary and if no one wanted to watch it because of distasfulness then don’t watch it. I sure would have been watching it.

  8. I guess they would have worked better between commentary. I don’t take offense easily but the consummation sketch just made me feel sorry for the bride. If I found it funny I guess I wouldn’t have those feelings. The others just felt a bit weak. Sketch has never been their strong point, they are better at topical jokes and pranks.

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