Did Gruen Transfer campaign for a Logie?

One media article today reckons ABC is miffed that The Gruen Transfer didn’t get a Logies nod in the Light Entertainment categories.

Wil Anderson also missed out on a Gold nomination after numbers were trimmed from 8 to 6, nor a Presenter nomination (Tweet payback on the big night?).

In fact Gruen didn’t get shortlisted in either the Popular or Most Outstanding categories. In part it is a victim of the lack of a Comedy category. Scripted comedies are put alongside cooking shows and breakfast television in this broadly bizarre category. Sunrise v Good News Week, Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam vs Yes We Canberra -how does this make sense to anybody?

We once had Comedy categories in the Logies, but after a few lean years it was set aside, despite the AFIs still retaining it.

In 2010 it wasn’t The Gruen Transfer that made an impact, although it got terrific numbers.

But Gruen Nation sure did.

That’s the show that gave a point of difference to 2010 TV and that should have been recognised here. Remember their ad for the Greens? We were all fascinated at the campaigns and strategies that were employed by our political parties. It was performing just as worthy a role as Media Watch.

Ironically, for a show about advertising maybe Gruen didn’t do enough campaigning of its own to land a Logie award (and shouldn’t they have known the power of a good campaign?). Shows like The Circle were pushing for their audience to vote and that’s just what happened.

Not saying it’s right. It’s just how it is.

So, given we had networks pushing some celebrities over others, can we please ask The Gruen Transfer to now put the Logies under its own microscope?

C’mon Wil, Russel, Todd… tell us how the Logies campaigns work?


  1. The Logies organisers can’t win. For years, the awards were derided due to the relatively low number of votes cast (due to the compulsory need to purchase TV Week in order to vote, even when online voting was introduced). Now, anyone can vote, and everyone is up in arms because the nominations in many categories are vastly different to those of recent years. I suspect that the networks themselves now consider the old system to be better, because at least there was a broader range of nominees. I suspect that several of the posters in this thread have no idea how the nominees were determined this year, judging by their comments.

  2. I am personally glad that gruen didn’t do any in show campaigning. It’s fine for morning shows, but would weaken the shows credibility, which would turn off viewers, who then wouldn’t vote for the show, making the whole process at best redundant, and at worst extremely harmful to the gruen brand.

  3. The “Logies” are out of touch with what most people watch ,
    I don’t know anyone that actually buys TV week …..
    People only tune in for the red carpet anyway.

  4. @Denton: Get Martin and Kavalee and your research gnomes to do a logies show when JoS comes up. Some of martins best invective comes when it’s spewed forth about the logies.

  5. What on earth do the Logies have to do with quality, impact or popularity?

    Not very much. The sampling methodology is completely hodgepodge, biased and confounded so they don’t even work as a straight out popularity contest. Waste of column inches.

  6. I’m not really one for conspiracy theories, but who’s to say that the powers that be at TV Week didn’t fudge the results, ensuring The Gruen Transfer/Gruen Nation wasn’t nominated, in the hopw Wil Anderson wouldn’t show up, thus no embarrassing (to TV Week) live tweeting like last year.

    Let’s face it, Wil’s Logiex tweets were the highlight of the Logies last year.

  7. The main problem is that if they had a comedy category all the shows would probably be from the ABC. Isn’t there a restriction on networks only being able to put forward a limited number of shows for each category? There should be a comedy category and if it means all the shows are from one network or most of them are, then what’s wrong with that?
    You may know more about this David but that’s my understanding.

  8. Hi David,

    Cal me old-fashioned, but If an award system requires that you campaign to win an award what does it indicate other than that you’re a good campaigner? In which case, what’s the point of having it?



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