Easter: Seven schedule

We have two weeks of Easter non-ratings coming up soon -so which shows will run fresh eps on Seven?

We have two weeks of Easter non-ratings coming up from April 17 – 30 which will see some shows resting.

Here are some of the shows confirmed to be running new episodes in the week of April 17 on Seven:

Deal or No Deal, Home and Away, Brothers and Sisters, Winners and Losers, Parenthood, 10 Years Younger, Detroit 1-8-7, I Shouldn’t Be Alive, Heston’s Mission Impossible, 30 Rock, Better Homes and Gardens.

Border Patrol and Coastwatch will play 7:30 / 8:00pm Monday April 18.

Border Security, The Force, Bones, Castle, Serial Killers, My Shocking Story, Cougar Town, Criminal Minds.

8:30pm Mon Apr 18
7:30pm Tue Apr 19
7:30pm Wed Apr 20

Mighty Ships will replace Sunday Night.

AFL will play Thursday April 21 in some cities with Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice replaced by a movie in other cities.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal plays on Friday April 22 (Melbourne).

And there will be a certain Royal Wedding come up the following week.

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  1. So does this mean after the two week easter break there will be new episodes of Castle , Bones , How I Meet Your Monther etc ? cause i am really injoying these seasons of my fave show 🙂

  2. @Johnson – I understand that the reason given for the Easter ratings break is the same as that for the summer – less people watching. I’m just calling BS on it’s actual purpose. As I said, advertisers still need to know where to spend their money (and how much they should pay), whether 5 million people are watching TV or if 1 million of them have gone on holiday.

  3. @Tasha: we are almost up to date with the US with episodes of HIMYM.
    @Secret Squïrrel: there is a two-week Easter break because traditionally people travel around during the period and spend less time watching TV.

  4. David, what’s the deal with these “breaks” in ratings? I understand that they don’t count toward end-year totals but they’re still reported and, presumably, advertisers will still take the numbers into consideration when purchasing air-time. So what purpose do they serve?

  5. Will new episodes of Bones and How I Met Your Mother return soon David?

    HIMYM is gone from the schedule and Bones has been repeats for a while now, I think because we got close to the US but not past them… Ever heard of fast-tracking that’s actually fast Seven!?!

  6. Can i ask why How I Met Your Mother was pulled off the air? It was performing well, so why did they have to put Heston’s Mission Impossible on on Thursday night…why not Wednesday night when TV is as slow as paint drying?

    Not happy Seven!!

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