Facebook hijack: Daryl, Livinia, Plucka nominated for Gold Logie

Exclusive: Angry Hey Hey fans have bombarded online Logie voting to ensure Daryl Somers, Livinia Nixon and Plucka Duck are all nominated for Gold.

Exclusive: The TV Week Logie Awards new online voting system has backfired after Hey Hey it’s Saturday fans hijacked the votes, in a bid to bring their favourite show back to air.

Daryl Somers, Livinia Nixon and Plucka Duck have all been nominated for the Gold Logie Award in a stunning turn of events.

Frantic Logie organisers are scrambling to complete a forensic investigation into their IT systems to see if any multiple IP addresses can be discounted ahead of the official announcement of nominees on Sunday afternoon.

But Hey Hey Facebook fans, which number over 600,000, have carefully orchestrated a three-pronged approach to guarantee Somers, Nixon and Plucka a place in the final 8 nominees.

The other five nominees expected to be revealed on Sunday are:
– Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
– Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
– Hugh Sheridan, Packed to the Rafters
– Zoe Ventoura, Packed to the Rafters
– Ben Elton, Live from Planet Earth

Hey Hey it’s Saturday is also considered to be unbeatable in the Best Light Entertainment category.

A Facebook campaign was instrumental in bringing Hey Hey back to screen but now fans angered by the show’s non-renewal have directed their fury at Channel Nine by trying to disrupt “television’s night of nights.”

This year’s Logie voting was conducted entirely online for the first time, but there are Red Faces amongst Nine management and ACP magazines after nobody foresaw the growing power of social networking.

One insider told TV Tonight, “Heads will roll for this one. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The whole thing is strictly audited but they are having to sort through every vote with a fine toothcomb and the clock is ticking.

“They should never have pissed off those fans. The irony is after the dismal “Home of Laughter” campaign Nine would bloody kill to have those Hey Hey numbers now.”

Logie nominations will be formally announced on Sunday.

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  1. Gee wiz @ Matt it’s just a opinion and yes It’s only T.V , hence this being a TV site to discuss or these matters .

    Anyway I’m going to build a nice bridge to get over now.

  2. Yep I had a look at what I wrote and I still see you’re the one with the issue.

    David and everyone else were just having a good laugh for April fools, seriously, have fun. Im sure he choose Hey Hey because it’s been a interesting and recent topic and it does get everyone going with opinions, but, at the end of the day it’s all in good fun and I don’t see how David is making an attack on the show nor its fans and any comments that say otherwise are rubbish. Its a bloody April fools joke, build a bridge and get over it!!!

  3. Hands down the best April Fools Day gag I’ve seen/read in years, very good indeed and had me fooled for most of the day. I must say I am very surprised at the reaction by HHIS fans. I thought they’d enjoy the joke but they have interpreted it as a hate article. I am somewhat surprised by this interpretation as I don’t see it that way at all. I also enjoyed the Smell-o-Vision gag on the MKR Facebook page.

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