Four houses for The Block

Season 4 of The Block will makeover 4 houses in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s rumour about Nine stripping The Block (and it’s more than just a rumour now), comes confirmation of the series using Melbourne for its setting.

But rather than 4 apartments, the show will makeover 4 houses in the inner suburb of Richmond. It’s the first time the show will be based outside Sydney.

“We looked all over Australia and it just so happened that we found four properties here in Richmond,” host Scott Cam tells the Herald Sun.

“Who would have believed we would find four houses all owned by the same person, all in the same condition, all the same size, all perfect for the show.”

Don’t suppose it has anything to do with the vacant 22 Bendigo Street Richmond?

If Nine gets this to air before TEN’s The Renovators, and it very well may, it could undermine the forthcoming Shine produced series. The Block producers Julian Cress and David Barbour were all responsible for The Chopping Block and the failed homeMADE.

The second half of the year is looking very overloaded with renos -and that’s even without including Jamie Durie’s Top Design.

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  1. I have never seen a house that has been built on the same day as the concrete stumps went in and they build the joists and the bearers on the same day That would go for 3 of the block houses but the will always escape me is the one on the end where once a house that burnt down and totally burnt the side off the house that now stands there the old owner just slapped new weather boards on it and a new roof on one side just to hide the burnt frame ….. Its just a case of the buyer beware …. Just look at how the paint is already pealing off the roof and how many paint runs are on the front fence and that should give you an idea of what crap these houses realy are …… and if your not convinced just look at the ceiling and count the joins and then think how much it will cost you to make this house livable

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