Glee marathon

TEN has dumped its Friday night line-up for Good Friday in favour of a Glee marathon.

Friday April 22
7.30pm Glee S2 Ep8 “Furt”
8.30pm Glee S2 Ep5 “Rocky Horror Glee Show”
9.30pm Glee S2 Ep14 “Blame It On The Alcohol”

That means Undercover Boss, Blue Bloods, and the Movie Stolen will not play.


  1. No Biggest Loser on Friday this week or next week (due to Good Friday this week- TEN obviously not letting its ratings go to waste, and the Royal Wedding next week).

  2. hmm OTOH that means TEN will have repeated once each of 2×01, 2×02, 2×03, 2×05, 2×08 and 2×14. 2×04 may appear on Monday/Anzac Day. Doesn’t explain 2×06-2×07, 2×15-2×16.

    Weird. Or perhaps “very American”.

  3. It is a weird line-up of episodes but I really want to see all of those again!

    But if this is true why don’t you update the program on your website?

  4. @ JohnTV— yeah that makes sense, air a brand new episode of Glee on Good Friday. On a completely different night then other Glee episodes during the Easter break when it’s non-ratings and alot of people won’t be home to see it so they’ll complain to Channel 10 afterwards 😉

  5. Yeah, bit of a weird selection of episodes… gives me a chance to re-record the Rocky Horror ep which my iQ failed to do the first time round, so i’m happy…

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