Gold Logie nominees Chrissie, Adam, Asher rate their chances.

TV Tonight puts three Gold Logie nominees under the campaign spotlight. Who do they think will win?

TV Tonight talked to three Gold Logie nominees about their chances to win on Sunday night: Chrissie Swan, Adam Hills and Asher Keddie.

For Chrissie Swan, the nomination contrasts her first Logies night in 2004 when she and fellow Big Brother castmate Reggie Bird were shunned by many in the room.

Big Brother was still quite new and 8 years ago a lot of posh TV people thought Reality TV was not a legitimate genre and it had no future. Reggie and I felt like we were crashing someone else’s party. But I’m sure the Australian Idol kids felt like that at the ARIAs. Hopefully this year that changes. I’m allowed to be there now, last time I checked,” she said.

Asher Keddie, riding high on the success of Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo has been nominated for a Logie a number of times, but yet to win. Can Offspring prove her lucky break this year?

“I’m pretty excited this year because of Offspring. The show means a lot to me and I’ve been involved since the day dot. It’s a challenging show, and sometimes challenging to watch too, so it’s a really encouraging sign that the public are embracing it and enjoying something that isn’t as digestable as everything else,” she says.

Adam Hills is up for his fourth Gold Logie nod, but is taking a pragmatic approach.

“I’m telling people not to vote for me. I want to break John Wood’s record of nominations without ever winning,” he says.

Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
Adam Hills, Spicks and Specks
Asher Keddie, Offspring, Hawke
Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
Karl Stefanovic, Today
Chrissie Swan, The Circle

CHRISSIE SWAN (nominations follow)
Gold Logie: Most Popular Personality on Television
Silver Logie: Most Popular Presenter
Most Popular New Talent (Female)
Most Popular Light Entertainment Program (The Circle)

1. How do you rate your chances?
I think me and Centrebet are on the same page: no chance.

2. Who is your main competition?
For last place? I’m not going to win, but I think Rebecca Gibney will win it.

3. Who is the dark horse?
Asher Keddie. Cleo was an absolutely brilliant piece of television. I just wanted more of it, I loved every second of it.

4. What does it mean to win a Logie?
It probably means I would get to read the speech my Dad wrote for me.

It’s two pages of hand-written notes that I just put back in my bra and I haven’t even read yet. I’ll just take it along on the night and if I have to pull it out, I will.

5. What was your highlight for 2010 TV year?
Every day was a highlight. But just getting the job in the first place and meeting the girls, because we all knew on that first day something special had happened.

6. Why should viewers vote for you?
Because if you like The Circle and you’d get a thrill seeing a Logie in our kitchen full time, vote to put it there.

Gold Logie: Most Popular Personality on Television
Silver Logie: Most Popular Presenter
Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program (Spicks And Specks)

1. How do you rate your chances?
After four nominations hopefully they’re getting a little bit better every year.

2. Who is your main competition?
I really thought Rebecca Gibney from day one, but after seeing Paper Giants I don’t know, I would be putting my vote in for Asher Keddie. Because when it comes to Gold Logie I don’t think people think about what show you’re on, it’s more who’s top of mind in the week leading up to it. So I don’t know whether people would be voting for me because of Spicks and Specks or Gordon Street or just because my name alphabetically is at the top of the list.

3. Who is the dark horse?
Stefanovic. He’s got a lot of support in north Queensland. And I read Channel Nine are running ‘presidential-style’ campaigns, with celebrities like Russell Brand saying vote for Karl. So that’s changed the face of the Logies a bit, it’s become about campaigning. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets in.

4. What does it mean to win a Logie?
It would mean a lot, to be honest. Especially Gold.

With the Most Outstanding it means you’ve got the respect of the industry, and they are opinions I look up to. But on the other hand with Popular it means you’ve got the public behind you, so it’s a different feeling for each one.

With the Gold it would put you on the Honour Roll of some of the biggest names in Australian television. To be mentioned in the same breath as people like Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton makes you feel like you’ve arrived, I suppose.

After 7 years of Spicks it would be great to win. I’ve always said I would love to take one back to the office. We won an AFI but it would be great to win for the people in the office. We built the show from nothing. 600,000 viewers in the first week, which hilariously is good numbers these days.

5. What was your highlight for 2010 TV year?
Appearing on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I was in the States in September and I did a spot on his show.

6. Why should viewers vote for you?
Because by the time you’ve actually learned how to vote for me you will have learned so much about technology and the internet that you’ll be a lot more savvy.

Gold Logie: Most Popular Personality on Television
Silver Logie: Most Popular Actress
Most Popular Drama Series: Offspring
Silver Logie: Most Outstanding Actress
Silver Logie: Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie (Hawke)

1. How do you rate your chances?
I don’t rate my chances highly for the Gold, but I’m incredibly encouraged by the nomination.

2. Who is your main competition?
Adam Hills. I would like Hillsy to win, I love him.

3. Who is the dark horse?
Perhaps it’s Chrissie Swan. I think she’s fantastic, a great talent. She’s so vibrant and people love her and I think unfairly polarised.

4. What does it mean to win a Logie?
I don’t know because I’ve never won. I think this is my 7th nomination but I’ve never taken one home, so I actually don’t know. I suppose with the recognition of being nominated there could be the same thing if I won one.

5. What was your highlight for 2010 TV year?
There’s no doubt the highlight was being part of creating Offspring. It’s brought so much joy and the kind of challenges that I want in my life as an actor.

6. Why should viewers vote for you?
Because they would be celebrating the kind of work that I feel so proud of making in Offspring. If people are enjoying that kind of different and bold experience then that’s why they should vote.

TV Tonight has also forwarded questions to Rebecca Gibney, Jessica Marais and Karl Stefanovic…stay tuned!

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  1. @JRM Totally agree, especially with your reference to placing Asher’s work against the other contenders, seems like a no brainer really, but alas the Logies are a ‘Popularity Contest’ not a Talent Contest, so I suppose those who irritate us are those who are more popular due to us bitching about them..lol

  2. First time logies voter, all for Asher Keddie. Have followed her work since Love My Way and she is fantastic in Offspring. She is by far one of the most underestimated and/or under appreciated Australian actresses. To put her tv shows/roles next to the other contenders is laughable, and yet it doesn’t surprise me that she isn’t the leading favourite. Hope she gets some awards, she is truly wonderful.

    @Bluewave, every single Gold Logie contestant appeals to a certain demographic, think about each of them.

  3. Although I’ve voted many many times for Asher, I still feel nervous for her, I will be crushed if she doesn’t take home the Gold. Her work in Offspring has been second to none, it also shows how versatile an actress she is, and I think we are only beginning to see the talent that Asher has up her sleeve. I’m still dumbfounded how she won nothing for her work in Love my Way, also a brilliant performance.
    Good luck Asher, I hope you are recognized for your talent this year! x

  4. Yet again, Adam Hills has cemented his comedic credentials.

    A cracking set of answers that had me doubled over in fits of convulsive but-gusting side-splitting laughter. Man, were they witty. I mean, he really had fun with them didn’t he.

    I can see why he’s a comedian now.

  5. @Bogues People don’t get nominated for logies for appearing on reality television as contestants. The 20 dancers from SYTYCDA weren’t on the ballot this year.

    @bluewave Then what about Today or The Circle? Aren’t they watched by only a particular audience? Joke as well? Gen Ys don’t have a say I see?

  6. Whoever wins, I hope they win because they are genuinely the most popular, not because the network they appear on has had mass marketing campaigns for them. Good luck to all of the nominees.

  7. If Asher Keddie wins gold for Offspring then that would be the biggest joke in Australian television history. I mean apart from a few gen Y’ers who actually would sit down and watch that show?

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